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BBNaija 2019: Mercy, Venita are in love triangles as Tacha gets close to Elozonam

Mercy, Ike, Joe, Frodd, Esther and Venita are in two love triangles threatening to tear up the BBNaija house in coming weeks.

Mercy and Venita have found themselves in love triangles while Tacha tries to find a partner in Elozonam.

Mercy, Venita have been struck by Biggie’s cupid as Tacha seems to be getting close to Elozonam after five weeks in the BBNaija house.

After 37 days in Big Brother Naija’s house, matters of the heart seem to be gaining ground among the 18 remaining housemates that make up the Pepper Dem gang.

Currently, two love triangles are threatening to add more spice to the Pepper Dem edition and those involved are some of the viewers’ darlings in the house.

From Mercy, Ike and Joe to Frodd, Esther and Venita, the old flames are beginning to come under the threats of newly admitted housemates.

Here’s all you need to know about the love triangles and Tacha’s possible affair.

Joe has his eyes on Mercy and Ike is pissed
After Joe joined the housemates in the fifth week of the show, he seemed to have his eyes fixed on Mercy, who is now known as Lamborghini Mercy. His seeming affection towards Mercy was further expressed at the fifth Saturday Night Party, which had him rocking the salacious Mercy. This move didn’t go down well with Ike, who threatened to go beat him up after the party but was stopped by Mercy. Ike’s reaction to guarding his territory isn’t new as he did the same with Tuoyo before his eviction and Omashola.

Rather than get the memo that Ike doesn’t play with his woman, Joe has continued to spite Ike by being around Mercy. After picking Joe as the recipient of her ‘Act of Kindness,’ Mercy proceeded to give him a long meaningful hug as demanded by the Task. This didn’t sit too well with Ike, especially as he saw it as a ploy to get him in his feelings. This caused a mild rift between the lovebirds till later when they made up. Ike told Mercy that Joe is a boy trying to provoke him using Mercy but he would be man enough not to earn another strike.

Frodd is torn between Esther and Venita
 Frodd is torn between his feelings for Esther and Venita [Multichoice NG]
Frodd is torn between his feelings for Esther and Venita [Multichoice NG]
Barely two weeks after Frodd heaved a sigh of relief as a result of the love triangle involving him, Nelson and Esther, he’s again torn between two hearts. With the newfound affection from Esther and newly added housemate, Venita, Frodd is faced with the difficult task of juggling both hearts. Venita's entrance into the House has made things quite complex between Frodd and Esther, who seems to be having a rethink about how she feels for him. Frodd opened up to Mike saying he had begun to notice Venita’s reaction was that of jealousy anytime he was with Esther though he didn’t want to lose both of them. However, Frodd made it clear that while he dealt with the love triangle involving Nelson with his heart, he will be treating the current triangle involving Venita with his head. Meanwhile, Venita is yet to get her head around why Frodd would want to return to Esther despite all she had done to him.

Elozonam is hitting Tacha’s right spot
 Elozonam seems to be hitting the right chords in Tacha after a week in the BBNaija house [Multichoice NG/Twitter]
Elozonam seems to be hitting the right chords in Tacha after a week in the BBNaija house [Multichoice NG/Twitter]
Following their three days together in the Secret Room, a mild Tacha seems to be brewing with hopes of starting something with Seyi. However, Seyi’s decision to have only Esther enjoy the Head of House’s room with him, saw Tacha recoiling to her shell. Interestingly, Elozonam seemed interested in her and she seems ready to allow her heart to accommodate him. One of the five new housemates, Elozonam seems to warming his way into Tacha’s fragile yet highly guarded heart. Since she got into the BBNaija house over 30 days ago, Tacha has found it hard getting close to any male housemates. She had picked up fights with almost every housemate and she has paid her price by being up for eviction in the last five weeks. In recent weeks, she has been spending more time with Elozonam and the two might soon become a pair if they continue this way.

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