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Dating while still living at home? Here is how it feels

How it feels to have a boyfriend while still living with mummy and daddy [Credit: PeopleImages/Getty Images]
Dating while still living with your parents could be a really tricky thing. This is especially with African parents who are usually still torn between ‘stay away from boys’ and ‘when will you marry?’

Whether with your own parents or another guardian, here are things to expect when you are dating while still under a Nigerian parent’s roof:


Obviously, this is the major difference between living by yourself and living with your folks while dating. Especially when in your early 20’s and yet to finish uni, there is only so much you can do. This is because many times, your relationship will likely be a secret and whatever you are doing definitely needs to be over before 8pm when you would be required to be back home.

And 8pm is even what you get when you have really liberal parents.

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