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5 signs he wants you to be his girlfriend

If you observe any of these signs, rest assured he definitely does want you.

  • He values and seeks your advice
He respects your opinions and also consults you when making important decisions in his life. You are very indispensable part of his life and admires your intellectual beauty.
  • He cares about what you think of him
Your opinion of him matters to him enough so that he’s willing to change himself to become someone desirable to your eyes.
  • He’s the first one to apologize when you fight
He always tries to cheer you up after an argument even when you are at fault. He doesn’t wait for a day before conceding and apologizing so you’re on good terms again.
  • He spends more time with you
He values the relationship and will go to any extent to spend time with you everyday even just for 30 minutes. Time spent with you is priceless and he wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.
  • He has introduced you to his friends
If your man is comfortable enough to introduce you to his “in the group,” then he probably wants both parties to know that you’re important to him. They’ll be seeing you a lot more at their gatherings in the future
5 signs he wants you to be his girlfriend

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