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5 thoughtful engagement gifts ideas for couples
Kay and Vee
Choosing the right gift for family and friends is a difficult task no matter how long we have lived with them or known them.

What is the best way to celebrate your friend who just got engaged? He, who finds love finds a good thing.

Thinking of the perfect gift to buy for your friend before they walk down the aisle?

We've rounded up our top gift picks that any set of newly-weds are pretty much guaranteed to love and budget-friendly.

    Bended knee engagement print
 Her answer was, “Yes!" Her answer was, “Yes!"

Art is life. A beautiful illustration of the couple taken during the proposal is a very thoughtful gift for your friends before the big wedding.

It will be a daily reminder of how much you value their friendship and to what extent you will go to make them happy. Add the engagement date and their names to make it extra special and informative.

    His and her robes

Gowns and Robes Gowns and Robes

The wedding fashion including stylish robes for the bride and her bridesmaids and also for the groom and his men. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get them extra robes for weekend getaways. Customise it to set important bathroom boundaries.


BusinessInsider USA Images

Cooking is an important chore that strengthens relationships. Newlyweds will spend together and try out new recipes.

Get them a cookbook containing local and international dishes. You will never know, they might invite you over for lunch to show appreciation.

    Duffle bags

Nike Training Duffle Bag — £29.95
Nike Training Duffle Bag — £29.95

Best things in life are always free. Duffle bags always come in handy when there are spontaneous weekend getaways.

Personalized the duffel bags with their initials and they will be reminded to buy you a present during their trips.

    Salt and pepper shakers

Thumbprint Salt and Pepper Shakers
Thumbprint Salt and Pepper Shakers

How cute are these salt and pepper shakers? They also come in "Mr. & Mr." and "Mrs. and Mrs." versions to fit tons of perfect pairs.

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