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8 Ways To Rock Polka Dots Like A Fashionista
Source: Pinterest
Polka dots are versatile prints that have undoubtedly stood the test of time. These gorgeous prints are never wrong, whether worn as formal or casual wears as they always come out ready for the occasion.

Mostly associated with Minnie Mouse, polka dots ensembles are pieces you see almost everyday, as such, they have proven to be everywhere!

In as much as there are prints that come and go and prints that stand the test of time, polka dots in all its glory are most certainly not going out of fashion.

Polka dots are staples that have done well in invading all of our wardrobes and they are still going strong.

Many thanks to Instagram brands like Ganni, Rejina Pyo and Zimmermann, these once old-fashioned spotty print have enjoyed a makeover, and we’re so loving it.

Polka dot prints now come in various shapes and sizes with varying exciting and bold colours, thereby adding more glitz to the already amazing and easy to wear prints.

There are many adventurous ways you can incorporate polka dots print into your wardrobe, some of which are outlined below.
 1. Polka dots on Denim

Source: Ecemella

2. Polka dots with Floral print
 Source: Pinterest

3. Polka dots with Sweater
 Source: Beauty Style Growth

4. Polka dots with other size polka dots

 Source: Pinterest

5. Polka dots with Plaid

Source: www.bowsandseqins.com

6. Polka dots with Stripes

Source: Glamour-Zine

7. Polka dots with Neutral/Nude hues

Source: Pinterest

8. Polka dots with Animal print

Source: Dash of Darling

Drop your thoughts on other ways to style polka dots in the comment section.

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