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ARMA: High-paying employment opportunities available to data analysts
ARMA: High-paying employment opportunities available to data analysts
Academy of Real and Meta Analytics (ARMA), the brainchild of the collaborative efforts of partners Netcore and WSI-Axon has launched its Data Analytics Training Course in Nigeria.

There has never been a greater opportunity to learn data analytics and enter the workforce as we have today, because of ARMA. The job opportunities are promising, and span a multiple of industries, where the nature of the job often allows for remote work flexibility and even self-employment.

Most, data analytics earn a high median salary of $106,000 a year. i.e. ₦38,213,000 as at September 2019.

The demand for competent data analytics professionals as soared over the years and currently outweighs the supply, this means that companies globally are willing to pay a premium to fill their open job positions, whether in the United States of America, Canada, UK or Nigeria, data analysts are in serious high demand.

But the skillset and job opportunities within data analytics and science go beyond the tech and digital spaces. Let’s take a look at some of the positions that require competence in data analytics to really boost your career to the next level.

Five Jobs that Require a Knowledge of Data Analytics
I’m sure before you take time and money to learn a new skillset, you would at least like to know what the earning potentials are in regards to that skillset. This article serves to fulfil that request and give you proper motivation to learn the subject of data analytics.

A lot of employers are hiring for these roles, locally and globally. Here are a few positions we want to explore – and their median incomes, according to popular job search websites.

1. IT Systems Analyst

Systems analysts use and design systems to solve problems in information technology.

The required level of technical expertise varies in these positions, and that creates opportunities for specialization by industry and personal interests.

A typical systems analyst according to global job sites makes around $68,000 i.e. N24, 000,000

2. Operations Analyst

Operations analysts are usually found internally at large companies, but may also work as consultants.

Operations analysts are found in every type of business, from large grocery chains, to postal service providers, to the military and can make upwards of $75,000 annually. i.e. N27, 000, 000

3. Data Scientist

Much like analysts in other roles, data scientists collect and analyze data and communicate actionable insights. Data scientists are often a technical step above of data analysts, though. They are the ones who are able to understand data from a more informed perspective to help make predictions. These positions require a strong knowledge of data analytics including software tools, programming languages like Python or R, and data visualization skills to better communicate findings.

These positions are challenging – and rewarding, with an average salary of $106, 000. i.e. N38, 213, 000 

4. Data Analytics Consultant

Like many of these positions, the primary role of an analytics consultant is to deliver insights to a company to help their business. While an analytics consultant may specialize in any particular industry or area of research, the difference between a consultant and an in-house data scientist or data analyst is that a consultant may work for different companies in a shorter period of time.

They may also be working for more than one company at a time, focusing on particular projects with clear start and end dates.

Compensation varies widely by industry, but it’s at an average of $71,000 i.e. N25, 000, 000

5. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing also requires a strong knowledge of data analytics. Depending on your other complementary skills and interests, you could find yourself in a specific analytics role within a company or agency, or simply applying your data science expertise as a part of a larger skillset.

Marketers often use tools like Google Analytics, custom reporting tools and other third party sites to analyze traffic from websites and social media advertisements. While these examples require a basic understanding of data analytics, a skilled data scientist has the ability to create a long-term career in marketing.

While digital marketing positions have a wide range, the higher end salary for an expert data-driven, analytics digital marketing manager globally is $97,000 i.e. N32, 000, 000

Whether your goal is to get a full-time job in a new industry, advance in your existing career, or work for yourself in the data analytics field, ARMA can prepare you for the opportunity. You are guided for top-paid jobs in your dream company locally and internationally, grab opportunities to get associated with corporate clients ARMA are in partnership with, and have a prolific resume prepared to take your career to the next level.

Be sure about upgrading your technical talents as the training courses are well equipped with latest tools and up-to-date curriculum. With this digital learning dais, you will experience quick, simple, and incredibly excellent ways to employment.

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