On reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, one the many mainstays of this season was disqualified yesterday for rule-breaking.

Her name is Tacha. Earlier that morning, she had a huge fight with Mercy where she appeared to pull Mercy's hair. Mercy also appeared to tell Tacha that she had body odour. The Big Brother rules say that assault is completely off limits.

As if that was not enough, Nigerian rapper, Zlatan has recorded as song for Tacha, making jest of her yet unconfirmed body odour. He raps in Yoruba that, "Ah, what is smelling?! Tacha, you will not kill me."

While Tacha has been disqualified, Zlatan has asked his fans for 20k comments so he would drop the song. While some fans are excited, others are critical of Zlatan and deem the move unnecessary.