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How politicians inspire ‘Yahoo Yahoo Boys’
Yahoo Yahoo Boys suspects: Yeni Kuti believes they are learning from politicians
Yeni Kuti, daughter of Fela Anikulapo Kuti has shared a piece of her mind regarding the perpetrators of cybercrime popularly called ‘Yahoo Boys’ in Nigeria.

Yeni while speaking with P.M. News blamed the government for the high rate of internet frauds in the country by not making life easier for Nigerians.

The pioneer of Felabration also accused the Nigerian politicians of defrauding the country, showing wrong impressions to the young Nigerians.

“Let me tell you why I will blame the government, they have not made life conducive for Nigerians in Nigeria.

“When I see a politician been cooked with money, stealing and people still hail him because he has money. That is the example of ‘teacher don’t teach me nonsense.”
 Yeni Kuti. Photo: Ayodele Efunla
“Many politicians, many senators have all kinds of money. How did they make this money? They make the money by defrauding the country. That one is fraud,” she said.

Yeni who frowns at cybercrime,  believed many Nigerian youths are inspired by how politicians live large without a visible source of income.

“So the young Nigerians will come and say that one made money fraudulently, me too I will make my own by doing cybercrime,” Yeni said.

“I am not saying it’s right but I’m saying they are the teachers and the young ones are learning from them. So they have to talk to themselves and set the right examples.

“As a government official, they see me struggling, I’m not driving any big car because I’m a government official, they now know that yes I have to work hard to be like that guy. But now I’m seeing that the person I’m looking up to is getting money fraudulently. That’s where ‘teachers don’t teach me nonsense’ comes from.”

Yeni however, disagreed with the statement that all Nigerians are fraudsters.

“All Nigerians don’t do fraud. All Nigerians don’t look for an easy way out to look for money.

“It is not true. I don’t do fraud and I’m a Nigerian, I have never done fraud and I’m 58,” she added.

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