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Reni Folawiyo and Kehinde Wiley fly the flag for Nigeria on Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List
Reni Folawiyo and Kehinde Wiley fly the flag for Nigeria on Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List [Credit: Instagram/ AlaraLagos]
Alara founder Reni Folawiyo and celebrated artist Kehinde Wiley have made their way onto the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List for 2019 and we are so excited!
 The prestigious list which was divided into five categories; The Virtuosos, The Classics, The Originals, The Pros, and The Ensembles, features thiose who have made waves with their covetable style and including Kehinde Wiley and Reni Folawiyo.

Joining the likes of Celine Dion, Billy Porter, Dwayne Wade among others, this year’s list features those who have used fashion as a means of expression and to influence generations.

Vanity Fair writes:

"No matter how you looked at it, style was part of the conversation. Statements were made, both personal and political. But let’s be clear: Some did it better than others. Who did it best? Well, Billy Porter in his epic, history-making gowns, that’s who. And Celine Dion, in her fashion-mad, slightly gonzo embrace of “extra.” Elle Fanning, who staged a veritable fashion marathon in Cannes, parading out some 15 lewks in one 336-hour stretch. And Jason Momoa, who on Oscar night, wore Fanning’s favorite hue (pink) complete with a custom Fendi scrunchie, and was all the more manly for it. Want more? How about Toronto Raptor Serge Ibaka in skirts? Dwyane Wade in glitter kicks and fanny packs? Chloe Sevigny’s reverence for...Thumbelina (believe it). And a detail about Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s rabidly covered nuptials that you haven’t heard yet."

Check out their style profiles below:
Kehinde Wiley

Occupation: Artist.

Home base: NYC, Beijing; Dakar, Senegal.

Happiest wearing: A chalk-line-print custom suit for the unveiling of his portrait of Barack Obama.

Trend I despise: Fast fashion “shows a disrespect for the ceremony surrounding clothing.”

Item I overuse: “Simple white Converse go with everything.”

Favorite designers: Amine Bendriouich, Sarah Diouf, Adebayo Oke-Lawal.
Reni Folawiyo

Occupation: Founder/CEO, Alara boutique.

Home base: Lagos, Nigeria.

Current obsession: Magical ’70s watches that “close up and become beautiful bracelets.”

Style icon: Josephine Baker.

Favorite designers: Duro Olowu, Phoebe Philo, Kenneth Ize, J.W. Anderson.

Bury me in: “Clothes are for living. Ask me to drinks after I just got a Valentino gown, I could turn up in that.”

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