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Russian watchdog fines Google $1,560 over illegal ads
Google office
Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) on Thursday, fined Google 100,000 roubles (1,560 dollars) for overspreading illegal ads for financial services.

FAS disclosed in a press release “Russia’s FAS fined Goggle LLC 100,000 roubles as a publisher of improper advertisements of the financial services of the Ali Trade company with the help of the Google AdWords service.’’

Earlier, Russia’s communications watchdog Roskomnadzor said that Google had paid a fine of 700,000 roubles, (10,900 dollars) for failing to delete search results linking to banned content.

In September, the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service commission recognised the advertisement of “earnings on investments’’ of the company Ali Trade as being in contradiction with the requirements of the law on advertising.

The commission said the organisation is not in the register of licenses of joint-stock investment funds located on the official website of the Central Bank. It added that the organisation does not have a license to carry out the activities of an investment fund.

The watchdog slapped the tech giant with 11,000 dollars fine in July for failing to remove certain content from its traffic that is considered to violate Russian Internet laws. The watchdog noted that more than a third of the links from the unified registry of illegal content remained in the search results.

In 2019, Russia submitted a law that obliges online search engines to remove any hyperlinks to content that is banned in the country.

Google has refused to connect to the federal information system where the banned websites are listed.

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