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These 5 fruits will help you grow and maintain a fuller hair
These 5 fruits will help you grow and maintain a fuller hair
Just like every other part of the body, our hair also needs to be nourished in other grow well.

And according to recent studies, there are natural foods, especially fruits, that can help with the needed nutrition.

However, now that it seems like everyone is riding the natural hair wave, the importance of knowing how to grow a fuller hair, for those who want to, cannot be overemphasized.

5 natural ways to treat and prevent hair loss

Here are five fruits that can help you grow and maintain a fuller hair

1. Avocado pear

The Avocado pear is priceless when it comes to health benefits. And this is due to the abundance of vitamins it contains.

This is why it is believed to be a big help for those looking to grow their hair and keep their tresses full because of the contained vitamin E, which is an essential vitamin that helps in hair growth.

However, Avocado can be used in three ways for the hair:

    It can be mashed into a paste and used as a hair mask.
    The oil can be extracted from it and used on the hair.
    A regular consumption of it can as well.

2. Bananas

Bananas are held in high esteem by beauticians when it comes to hair treatment and maintenance. And this due to the fact that it comes with lots of vitamins, like vitamin A, and minerals for hair growth and shines.

The vitamin A is beneficial to hair growth as it serves to increase the production of sebum on the scalp which helps to keep the hair shiny.

Other contents of banana that are good for the hair include pectin, fiber, and magnesium which strengthen the hair and prevent cutting and excessive hair loss.

However, it can be used when mashed and pasted to make a hair mask.

3. Coconut

Studies have shown that coconut is one of those few fruits that belong to the same elusive group as the Avocado because of its varied health benefit.

And its usefulness, when it comes to hair treatment is not something that is new. As a matter of fact, it is counted among one of the best hair supplement because of what it contains.

Coconut is known to contain chain fatty acids, also known as lauric acid, which helps to keep up the protein levels in your hair: The oil that is extracted from it is a very rich hair supplement.

How to use this plant juice to grow your hair

4. Citrus fruits

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