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This is how over-thinking will ruin your relationship
Couple having issues. [Credit - Shutterstock]
Falling in love truly and deeply naturally gets people trusting without reservation and leaves them vulnerable to heartbreaks and disappointment. When this happens, what comes after, for some people, is that they go into subsequent relationships bearing the scar of that bad experience and this leaves them distrustful, and of course, .very paranoid

For someone whose heart was once broken without warning or any tell-tale sign of an impending blow, every innocent, meaningless action of their new partner will get scrutinized, over-analysed and wrongly interpreted many times when there’s actually nothing going on anywhere.
[Credit - iStock]
Men like this wonder if a richer, finer man has not grabbed the attention of their partner. If they don't know exactly where she is, their suspicions get heightened and they keep calling and calling for the fear that they might get dumped soon.

Perhaps, the man is only being quiet. Women in this category panic and start wondering what he's planning. Is he going to finish with me? Has he met someone else?

Being sensitive and paying attention to one's partner is natural up to a point, but when people start to exhibit behaviours such as over-analysing, over-thinking every action, or trying to read meaning into everything their partner does, it's surely problematic.

To overcome this problem, communication remains the biggest answer.

Instead of trying to read their mind to know what’s happening or trying to play detective, why not sit them down and have a honest conversation? Often times, the problem may not even be in existence in reality. It could be all in your head, created only by your overthinking and extreme analyses.

It will also do you a lot of good to work on yourself, and improve your confidence in yourself - physically, mentally and in all manners imaginable. It is also advisable to stop making comparisons between your former partners that did you dirty and the partner you’re with now.
[Credit: Shutterstock]
It helps no one if you can’t let go of your ugly past and you keep dragging it with you everywhere you go.

Finally, instead of always trying to fish out potential plans to breakup with you, or playing detective to see if your partner has been bedding other people, why not try to relax and concentrate on the positives in the relationship?

While it is good to be careful, it serves no good purpose to let your ‘being too woke’ cross to plain irritating insecurity.

Learn to breathe. No one has ever added a strand of hair to the one on their head by worrying.
Just relax. It’s the wisest thing to do.

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