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Want perfect skin? You need to follow these tips for that special glow
You need to follow these tips for that special glow [Credit: AltGist]
Proper skin care is important because our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping our skin healthy and moist helps keep this barrier strong.

When it comes to skin care, we are inundated with different routines, rules, and products that we're told will give us the complexion of our dreams. But with all the overwhelming information constantly being fed to us, where do we begin? Well, from the beginning!

When the skin gets dry or irritated by harsh soaps, cracks in the skin can occur. Cracks in the skin make a person more prone to infection.
The outermost layer of our skin constantly changes because the older cells that we see on the surface make way for the newer skin cells from the lower layers. In fact, you lose millions of dead skin cells every day and you leave a trail of shedding skin everywhere you go.

This means that the healthy and vibrant skin you have today can instantly look dull and tired tomorrow as your skin cells get ready to shed and fall off. Maintaining a constant skincare routine will help maintain your skin’s radiance so you can look your best always.
  Taking good care of your skin health daily will save you money in the long run. Skin problems like deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, or other skin issues can be prevented with a daily skin care routine and can prevent costly trips to a dermatologist in the future.

Your face is the first part of your body that others look at and having lovely skin to show off will make you feel good about yourself. It doesn’t even matter what you wear or if you’re having a bad hair day. Great skin can make a big difference in your appearance! Make sure that you are consistent in your skin care routine to keep your skin looking its best all year round.

Do you want to keep your skin happy, healthy and glowing? Well follow these tips for the skin of your dreams in absolutely no time!

1. Cleanse your face morning and night with a gentle cleanser and follow with an oil-free moisturizer. Don’t skip any part of this routine or your skin will start to breakout.

2. Use a gentle facial mask once a week to remove deeply embedded impurities that will cause breakouts down the road.

3. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliating scrub a minimum of 3 times a week. Doing so will remove dead skin (cellular build-up) allowing pores to breathe and removing excess oils and dirt.

4. Use an eye cream morning and night to brighten and hydrate the very thin layer of skin under your eye. It will also aid in stopping premature wrinkles from forming and prevent you from looking older than your years,

5. Use oil-free and paraben-free cosmetics to allow skin to breathe and so pores don’t become clogged. Less chemicals in your skin are always a plus!

6. Wash your makeup brushes every two weeks to remove bacteria, dirt, and oils. If you don’t, you are more likely to break out because you are putting all that gunk right back on your face and embedded the dirt even further into your pores.

7. If you use cosmetic sponges, replace every time so you don’t have bacteria collecting in the sponges. Bacteria loves spongy foam.

8. Eat lots of fruits and vegetable! So many different types are known to fight acne and other skin conditions as well! Many of the vitamins and nutrients found in them are added to skin care products so why not eliminate the middle man and eat the fruits and veggies?!

9. Don’t touch your face during the day or rest your cell phone on your face while your talking, you’re asking for acne trouble if you do.

10. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night to allow your skin to restore itself while your body rests.
Source: Pulse Nigeria
Ntianu Obiora
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