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“You know when you have it”: This is what emotional compatibility feels like
This is what emotional compatibility feels like [Credit Shakarasquare]
The full spectrum of compatibility has to be covered before a relationship can be assumed to have a real shot at ‘forever’ or whatever the goal is. The reason for this is simple: where ideas and ideals do not align, there is bound to be rifts and conflicts and all sorts of stormy maneuvering through the relationship.

About sexual compatibility, we have a piece here worth reading; and of spiritual compatibility, we have written extensively here.

Emotional compatibility is next and the first thing to know about it is that it is better felt than defined, best experienced that explained. That much, many relationship and dating experts agree with.
If details of your relationship is being kept on a really low key, that's fine. [Credit Pinterest]

"Do you ever notice how some couples just seem to 'glow' with happiness? These are the couples who laugh at the same time, finish or contribute to each other's stories, and just seem to be made and meant for each other. What you are probably observing is emotional compatibility," says Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, an American, nationally-recognized clinical psychotherapist and relationship expert.

She tells Elite Daily that people with emotionally-compatible partners just find themselves happy, content, comfortable, accepted and in alignment with their boos. She adds that emotional compatibility usually means that you feel good being 100% yourself around them.

"When you have emotional compatibility with someone, all of the superficial things, such as where you go on a date, and comparing yourself to others doesn't matter," Julie Spira, online dating expert and founder at Cyber-Dating Expert, says.

She explains that "what matters when it comes to being emotionally compatible is you'll know without a doubt, that you can talk to your partner about anything, and they'll calm you down when you're upset, and vice versa. On the flip side, you can easily share your joy."

Life coach Nina Rubin also adds that in a relationship where emotional compatibility exists, “you can express vulnerability and your partner welcomes you. You’re seen and meet your partner in the same way. In other words, it’s extraordinarily important."
Put your thoughts across as mildly and as gently as possible [Credit - Readers Digest]
Readers Digest
But it is important to note that compatibility can be worked towards, and does not necessarily happen immediately.

“Emotional compatibility is basically that ‘when you know, you know,’ feeling of being safe and at home with your partner. However, if you don't have it right away, that doesn't mean that you never will. As with most relationship things, compromise and total comfort can take time and effort. What matters is that you're both willing to put in the work it takes to meet in the middle.” Elite Daily concludes.

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