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Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham to join Nigeria’s national team?
Chelsea’s striker Tammy Abraham is now debating a serious career move. While Abraham has been busy in England where his talent has shone bright, the football player is not ruling out the possibility that he will return to play for his native Nigeria internationally.
 Chelsea’s striker Tammy Abraham [Goal]

Tammy has achieved quite a bit and he has been neck-and-neck with Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero in terms of scored goals in the English Premier League (EPL). So far as distinctions go, Tammy is definitely someone to watch out for.

It’s understandable why England would want him playing for them. Yet, there have been no indication that the national team would need him or actively allow him to play.

Well, no indication right up to the point where Chelsea’s general manager Frank Lampard gave a press conference in which he said that Gareth Southgate – England’s national football coach – would certainly make an offer to young Tammy.

Tammy is definitely a person around whom you can bet on sports. The best sports betting site will always offer odds for Chelsea and Tammy Abraham. Just think about the recent victory of Chelsea against the Wolves, in which Tammy scored a hat-trick, cementing his team’s lead as well as distinguishing himself once again.

The young Nigerian is also full with doubt himself. Does he play for his native country or does he pursue his dream? Speaking to media, Tammy said that to play alongside Champions League stars has long been his dream and it would be difficult to give up on this dream.

Yet, he hasn’t ruled it out completely either. He expressed his appreciation of players such as Didier Drogba, John Terry, and even his current coach – Frank Lampard, whom he called the gaffer.

The young player who speaks fluent English also added that he was currently living that dream and that he hoped he would be able to continue playing for Chelsea. While Lampard has said that Southgate would be interested in Tammy, the manager himself commented on the player.

Southgate argued that Tammy will always be an important part of the English football landscape. Moreover, Southgate was convinced that Tammy would always manage to score, whatever the circumstances – plain and simple. The opportunity for him joining is there, Southgate said, and Tammy should feel certain about his prospects of making the national team, the coach concluded.

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