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Homeless singer gets recording contract after viral video
Opera singer, Emily Zamourka

The homeless Opera singer, Emily Zamourka, who became an internet sensation has been offered a recording contract by Grammy-nominated music producer Joel Diamond.

Zamourka, became an internet sensation after the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) shared a video of her singing Puccini at the Los Angeles metro last week.

The recording contract, according to TMZ source is for an initial record entitled “Paradise” which will be released on Diamond’s label, Silver Blue Records.

The source further revealed that it is still not clear if the 52-year-old opera singer will agree to the deal.

Over $48k has also been raised in a GoFundMe campaign to assist Emily in buying a violin which was destroyed by a vandal 2 years ago.

She also secured a gig on Saturday night at the Italian heritage event in L.A.

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