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NFL QB Gardner Minshew II Isn't Even Owned In His Own Fantasy League
Gardner Minshew Isn't Owned in His Fantasy League

Jaguars rookie QB Gardner Minshew II has taken the NFL by storm.
Minshew wears amazing outfits, has a cool mustache, and is also apparently an expert fantasy football player.
Despite playing well, though, no one owns Minshew yet in his own fantasy football league.
Gardner Minshew II has a lot going for him right now. Since taking the reigns of the Jacksonville Jaguars, he's helped keep the team afloat with a 2-3 record after starting QB Nick Foles went down with an injury. He's earned praise for his awesome mustache , cool outfits , and generally swagger-filled demeanor. And as we've now learned, he's not half bad at Fantasy Football eithereven though he's not even owned yet in his own league.

Minshew plays in some form of dynasty league, where he and his leaguemates, from the sound of it, can choose how much of their team they want to let go and start over with at the start of the year. As Tre Polk, a friend of Minshew's from Mississippi (where he's from) says, the QB basically did re-did his whole team from scratch, and got early season studs like Josh Jacobs, Austin Ekeler, and New England's defense off the scrap heap. But even he didn't know enough to draft himself.

"That's the thing," Polk told ESPN . "I keep waiting for him to pick himself up, but no one took him. Gardner Minshew is available in Gardner Minshew's fantasy league."

Polk says that Minshew actually did draft a rookie QBjust not himself. "Gardner actually took Kyler Murray," he said.

Minshew was a sixth-round pick in this year's draft, and despite playing for Mike Leacha major college football personalityat Washington State, it still felt like he's somewhat come out of nowhere. But he's been a revelation thus far for the Jaguars, even leading some to wonder if perhaps he could retain that job even once Foles heals from his injury. That remains to be seen, but if Minshew is anywhere near as good at playing real football as he is at picking a team for fake football, well, the decision will probably end up making itself.

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