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Marla Maples: Why I divorced Trump
 Marla Maples: speaks on marriage to Trump and their divorce
 Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s second wife has spoken about her marriage with Donald Trump and why they parted ways.

Trump married Maples in 1993 after his divorce from Ivana and before he met Melania. Their union was short-lived. They divorced in 1999.

In an interview with Access, Maples, 56, explained why she and Donald parted ways. “He and I were so different,” she said.

“It could could get a little bit combative as you could have imagined because I came in George family values and a strong sense of spiritual growth. Always wanted to be the best I can and he came with his positive ability to see the world, make money, get out there.”

Maples, an actress and TV personality, added that in a marriage, couples hope they can bring out the best in each other, but after many years “we realized, we weren’t.” That was the time they realized that they had to move on.

She added that girls in their 20s want to change the man they are with and make them a little softer. She was like that until she learned how to speak out stronger for what she believes in and felt that it’s time to express them.

When asked what she found in Donald that made her like him, she said that she sensed the POTUS’ vulnerability. There was an instant connection when they met like they had known each other. It felt like a family, according to Maples.

“But I saw a vulnerable man and I liked vulnerability in people. I like when you’ve got the ability to visualize and manifest and he has that power. Whatever his dreams are, he has the ability to move them forward, that’s very attractive but I also saw a vulnerability which I think makes someone much more interesting.”

Donald and Maples had an “ironclad” prenup agreement. According to previous reports, Trump wanted to make sure that she would not go after his money since his first divorce with Ivana became a legal battle.

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