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Behold General Buhari The Taqiyya Master
  Abacha, Maryam Abacha, Mustapha and Buhari. Photo provided by Reno Omokri
   General Buhari was a member of General Sani Abacha’s cabal. He was not just a member, he was a prominent member. He was Abacha’s, right-hand man. Abacha is the world’s biggest thief, EVER. It is difficult to believe he pulled off his heist without Buhari’s knowledge.

And when you take into account General Buhari’s insistence that Abacha did not steal, though his thievery is of world record-breaking savagery, you begin to see his incredible assertions in a new light. I am not sure Buhari is protecting Abacha when he says that. Perhaps he is protecting himself.

As the adage goes, show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are. Look at Buhari’s friends. Abacha (the world’s biggest thief). Babachir Lawal (of grasscutter fame). Nasir Danu (caught at Heathrow with a fake passport and huge sums of money). It is easy to see what Buhari is.
 Buhari cannot deny that he was a cabalist under Abacha. We have eyewitness testimony from no less a witness as former Governor Donald Duke.
In a June 2018 interview, the former Governor of Cross River State testified of his interaction with Abacha’s cabal at Aso Rock as follows:

“One day, we were summoned to the Villa, and we were told it was over our bitumen report.
I need to be graphic here.There’s Abacha sitting in the middle, to his right was Oladipo Diya, Chief of General Staff. To his left was Abdulsalam Abubakar who was Chief of Defense Staff. To Abdulsalam’s left was General Buhari who was Chairman, Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). He’s a bitumen user. To his left was Dan Etete, who was Minister of Petroleum. To Etete’s left was Alhaji Bayero who was GMD NNPC. To the right of Diya was General Adisa.”

From the above, General Buhari cannot deny that he is a companion of thieves and criminals. So, where then is his famed but non-existent integrity? An integrity that could not tell us the identity of the owners of the Ikoyi Apartment billions? An integrity that is trying Atiku Abubakar’s in-law on trumped-up charges of money laundering, while wilfully ignoring the fact that bullion vans were caught by drones going into the house of Bola Tinubu, on the eve of the last Presidential elections, in contravention of the Money Laundering Act, 2011.

These are the realities that Transparency International sees that has made it declare that Nigeria, under General Buhari, is more corrupt than she ever was at any time under former President Jonathan.

The truth is that General Buhari is as corrupt and tribalistic as they come. And you do not need to look too far. Read his comments on fuel subsidy before he became President. He called it a fraud. He said he would get rid of it. He got elected and rather than get rid of it, as he promised, he increased it.
Now, is that honesty? Is that integrity? No. That is Taqiyya-a widely abused principle that allows some persons to lie to those who do not share their faith, to deceive them into letting their guards down.

That is the more reason why I laughed when the All Progressive Congress issued a statement last week, saying that General Buhari had achieved more than the Obasanjo-Atiku government. How can a government that has multiplied our foreign debt by five (and is still borrowing), say it is better than a government that paid off our entire foreign debt?

This is a man whose wife does not even believe in him and has said so privately and publicly!
So, let me make this challenge to all those still in the delusory phase of believing that General Buhari has integrity. If he has integrity, then prove it by answering the following questions:

10 Questions for Those Who Say General Buhari Has Integrity

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