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Beirut explosion: Missing Nigerian woman found in hospital, port worker found at sea

  The Nigerian Ayobami Modupeoluwa Keku: hospitalised
 A Nigerian woman, Ayobami Modupeoluwa Keku, declared missing in the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion on Tuesday, has been found, alive
An Instagram page created to locate missing victims of the blast, said she has been found at Hospital Wardieh in the city.
Her condition is not stated but telephone contacts were posted: 76721668 / 03 765 251.
P.M. NEWS dialled one of the numbers. It was confirmed she was alive and in hospital

Sierra Leonian Jerry also found alive
A Sierra-Leonian woman, simply called Jerry also survived. She was posted wrongly as an Ethiopian, but an acquaintance Hala Okeili told P.M.News on Phone that she is alive
Amin al-Zahed found at sea
Also A Port of Beirut worker, who went missing after the explosion has been found alive at sea nearly 30 hours after the blast, local media reported on Thursday.
Amin al-Zahed, whose photo was published on an Instagram page created to locate missing people, was found bloodied in the Mediterranean Sea, according to local media.
Al-Zahed was reportedly admitted to the Rafic Hariri University Hospital in Beirut after a rescue team pulled him into their boat.
No further details have been released on how he managed to survive or his current condition.

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