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How can a "minister of information" be so "misinformed"?- DJ Switch attacks Lai Mohammed

DJ Switch has come out to attack the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, over the numerous claims he has come out to make concerning her and the October 20 shooting at the Lekki tollgate.

Last week, Mr Mohammed had a press conference where he attacked CNN over the documentary they released concerning the shooting incident.

While CNN insisted that the soldiers fired live ammunition at the #EndSARS protesters, Lai Mohammed said the Federal government believes the account of the Nigerian Army that they shot blank bullets and not live ammunition at the protesters. Mohammed at the press conference called DJ Switch a fraud and also asked who was ''sponsoring her''. Read here.

Reacting to his comments via her Twitter handle, DJ Switch wrote

''How can a "minister of information" be so "misinformed"?The only believable thing about him, is his name...Lai Unfortunately sir,the truth is a very stubborn thing! Tnk u all 4 ur well wishes & prayers.Its nt bn easy 4 me bt d need 2 #SoroSoke is more important than their bullying''

How can a "minister of information" be so "misinformed"?- DJ Switch attacks Lai Mohammed 

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