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#ZabarmariMassacre: Let’s call in the Chadian military

#Zabarmari massacre committed by Boko Haram

I will still say this again and again; if our armed forces are incapable of ending Boko Haram, our neighbours, the no-nonsense Chadian soldiers should be invited [on contract] to finish the job – singlehandedly, and once and for all.

This is not about protecting Nigeria’s pride and national security interests, it is about the lives of ordinary poor Nigerians being wasted daily because our armed forces have failed to end the insurgency.

Since the Chadian troops massacre, few months ago, of over 1,000 Boko Haram fighters by Chadian President, Idriss Deby Itno, who led an 8-day operation to decimate the terrorists from Chadian territory, there has never been a single incidence of any Boko Haram attack on Chadian soil since then.

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The operation code-named “Operation Wrath of Bomo,” came after terrorists dealt the heaviest blow to the Chadian military after an assault that killed over 90 soldiers.

The Deby-led offensive according to reports took place at Kelkoua bank and Magumeri, a local government in the northern Borno State, where the Chadian army destroyed several Boko Haram bunkers, recovered cache of arms and arrested a top Boko Haram commander.

The Chadian troops allegedly also set free some Nigerian soldiers held captive by terrorists at Magumeri.

After 8 days of operations, President Idriss Deby announced that Boko Haram had been completely removed from Chadian territory. President Deby had also dared Boko Haram to try him again if they can.

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And yes, since the threat, there has never been a single incident of any Boko Haram attack on Chadian soil or its people since “Operation Wrath of Bomo”.

I will say this again and again, loud and clear, and with all emphasis at my very command, and with apologies to former Governor Kashim Shettima (now Senator of the FRN), that Boko Haram are still better armed and are better motivated than our own troops. Hence the failure and inability of our military to go after the terrorists and engage them man-to-man like the Chadian soldiers did.

Borno urgently needs the assistance of “a better equipped and fully armed and motivated Chadian soldiers” to root out these idiots from our soil.


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