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How Gogo Bethke pivoted her Social Media to big impact

 Gogo Bethke
Social media expert, Gogo Bethke has revealed how she changed the game in real estate, leveraging the power of technology to achieve massive success in the industry.
“Right away, I started a Facebook page because I had no sphere of influence,” Gogo Bethke says of her foray into the real estate industry. “I had no cousin that was going to buy a house from me. I had no money to advertise. I had no money to buy Zillow ads, nor would I have ever.” Now known as the “Social Media Queen of Real Estate”, Gogo has changed the game, leveraging the power of technology to achieve massive success in the industry. However, as her real estate journey has changed over the years, so too has her use of social media.
She explains, “I had my Gogo’s Real Estate Team Facebook business page for about five years, I had plenty of transactions under my belt and I needed a place to vent about the good, bad and the ugly side of real estate. So I started @gogosrealestate on Instagram.”
From there, Gogo’s social media following skyrocketed. She continues, “Because I was talking more to the agents versus talking to the buyer and seller like I did on Facebook, my Instagram just took off and now I have over 50,000 followers.”
Gogo has built her career organically; collaborating with others and helping everyone grow to their ideal level of success. With a track record of partnership with over 300 agents, teams, and brokerages nationwide and internationally, if she can help you and your team succeed on social media, she counts that as a win. She has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. Through public speaking on an international level, continuing to connect with her more than 70,000 social media followers, and the addition of her online course, Gogo’s Bootcamp, Gogo is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other realtors and business owners.
She notes, “I have never bought a lead. Never. All my leads come to me organically. All of my transactions in my career came organically. #teamgogo has over 300 agents and this growth has put me in the Top 5 in the company when it comes to growth. Over 111 agents joined eXp Realty with #teamgogo and the cool part is that about 95 of them I have never met. That’s the power of social media.”
Although many were initially put off by her methods, Gogo’s success is indication that social media is an integral part of the industry. She says, “At first people were making fun of me, like ‘Are you seriously going to take another selfie?’. But I always knew that, yes, these pictures are going to pay the bills one day.”


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