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Red Hot Video: Alleged wizard returning from spiritual meeting crash-lands on somebody’s rooftop

 A man suspected to be a wizard returning from coven allegedly crash-landed on the roof of somebody’s house.

Alleged wizard returning from spiritual meeting crash-lands on somebody’s rooftop

The Nigerian man identified as Omamuyovwi crash-landed on the rooftop of a building with N100 in his hand at Okpokpor Street in Okpara-Inland in Ethiope-East Local Government Area of Delta State.

According to Gistreel.com, indigenes and residents of the community arrested and beat the suspect to a stupor on Saturday, November 28.

After flogging him with plantain leaves for a while, they then attempted to set him ablaze before the timely intervention by the community vigilante saved him.

The vigilante pleaded against jungle justice and took him to his family Compound at Igberhe Street, where he allegedly confessed to have committed so many atrocities against man and God, Gistreel.com added.

The suspected wizard who is said to be a motorcycle operator in the physical realm disclosed that he was being chased by a deity from the coven when he ran out of fuel and crash-landed.

He is reported to have further revealed that he was going to refill his craft but things didn’t go as planned, so he crash-landed on the rooftop with N100 he was going to use for the refill.

A video of the suspect sitting on top of the building’s roof turning his face unusually was posted to social media and it has got a lot of people talking.

He could be seen licking his lips and watching around as residents who gathered around the building filmed him.

In related news, some residents of Kafaba, a village in the Savanna Region lynched a grey-haired woman believed to be in her 90s.

Reports say the helpless woman was accused of witchcraft, so she was surrounded by residents who took turns to assault her while others stood aloof and urged them on.

A soothsayer who had been invited by the villagers to help them drive away their misfortunes accused the elderly woman of being behind the woes of the village, hence she was manhandled and lynched.

Two women are seen in the viral video flogging and hitting the helpless grandmother on her fragile head and all over her body despite her pleas of innocence.

The heart-wrenching video was first published by Accra-based TV3 and it has since triggered angry reactions from well-meaning Ghanaians, most of whom have called on the police to bring the perpetrators to book.

Actress Ama K Abebrese has described the development as barbaric.

“What kind of barbaric people are they???? This is 2020 in Ghana. These people are cold-blooded murderers. The police must find these perpetrators and they must face the law.

(To be honest, I can’t watch the video, just reading the accounts makes me sick to my stomach.)” she wrote.

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