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Parler: How Parler app works and wetin to know about di "free speech" social network

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Google bin suspend "free speech" social network Parler from Play Store ova di app failure to remove "egregious content".
Dis dey come afta post election violence bin break out for Capitol Hill for America on Thursday.
For months, Parler don become one of di most popular social media platforms for right-wing users.
As major platforms don begin take action against viral conspiracy theories, disinformation and di harassment of election workers and officials for di aftermath of di US presidential vote, di app don become more popular wit elements of di fringe far-right Americans.
Google say di app don fail to remove posts wey fit cause violence.
Apple don also warn Parler say dem go remove di app from dia App Store if e no comply wit dia content-moderation requirements.
Di app's chief executive John Matze don tok say : "We no go cave in to politically motivated companies and those authoritarians wey hate free speech!"
    Google don suspend 'free speech' app Parler
    Twitter don permanently suspend Trump account
What to know about Parler App
Parler na social media app like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram among odas.
Parler na one American micro-blogging and social networking service wey dem launch for August 2018.
E define imsef as "non-partisan public place". E don even mark imsef as a "free speech" and unbiased alternative to mainstream social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
Di founders of di app don tok say dia service go engage in minimal moderation and dem no go fact-check posts. Dem don also tok say dem go allow posts wey dem don remove from or flag as misinformation on other social media networks like Twitter.
Parler get plenti users wey be Donald Trump supporters, conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and right-wing extremists.

Parler app
Wia dis foto come from, Reuters
How to use Parler app
Anybody wey don reach di age of at least 13 fit sign up to Parler.
Wen you download di app, then e go allow you create account.mE go first ask you wetin be your favourite colour to set as background colour.
Then e go ask you to create account, using your email address, phone number and password.
Next na di terms of service to agree wit di privacy policies, Terms of service and community guidelines of di app.
Then you go verify di Captcha to show say you no be robot.
After dat, you fit begin use your account and you fit start to follow other account users just like dem dey do on oda social media platforms.
Just like oda social media platforms, you go create profile wen you sign up. Your photo, background image, and one short bio dey available for oda members to view.
How Parler app be like Twitter
Parler dey almost identical to Twitter. If you don use Twitter, Parler no go dey hard to use.
But instead of tweets, you get "parlays." Instead of retweets, you get "echoes." You "upvote" a post to show you like am.
You fit post GIFs, photos, and memes as well as follow accounts and use hashtags. Parler posts dey almost triple di size limit as Twitter, or up to 1,000 characters. You fit block or mute oda users, too.
How Parler different from Twitter, Facebook
Unlike Twitter, wey dey regulate content shared on di platform using internal company policies, Parler dey base im user guideline on FCC's obscenity definitions like whether post "dey sexual in nature," "e dey offensive," and "Whether di work, taken as a whole, lack serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value."
Parler dey rely on im users to report inappropriate content and posts wey violate dia guidelines. Dem no get any employees or third-parties wey dey fact-check posts. Verification strictly dey community-driven.

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