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ALL OVER Lars Sullivan axed by WWE after Vince McMahon ‘was left fuming after SmackDown star no-showed for TV appearance’

Lars Sullivan has been released by WWE
Following a huge push in 2019, he was sidelined with a severe knee injury for nearly a year.
The 6ft 3in powerhouse then returned on the October 9 episode of SmackDown and attacked The Miz, Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle but has not been seen since.
It emerged earlier this week that Sullivan had been let go quietly last month, with reports stating it was due to a lack of creative for him.
But Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer has provided an update on Sullivan's firing and claims reports that it was due to a lack of storylines are not true.
He stated boss McMahon was keen on giving Sullivan a major push on TV until the superstar no-showed at a TV event he was due at.
That was not the first time he reportedly no-showed for television.
Sullivan was supposed to begin a feud with WWE legend John Cena by attacking him at the Royal Rumble in 2019 but he flew home following an anxiety attack, and the storyline was axed as a result.

The star allegedly no-showed at a TV taping which led to Vince McMahon axing him



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