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5 Perfect things to eat during menstruation

 5 Perfect things to eat during menstruation.
Were you told NEVER to eat chocolate during your period? Well, check here for the best food to consume during that time of the month.

Ladies, are you confused on what to eat during your period?
Do you find it difficult not to eat that seductive ice cream, candy or that envious chocolate? Well, these five food choices could make your dreams come true.
Eat Fruits

Telling you to avoid sugar while on your period is like asking a child to think of their own punishment — it’s just impossible. So go with natural sugars instead of processed ones which could lead to a crash later on. Plums, figs, and watermelon are just a few of the fiber rich fruits you should reach for since they can help with your regularity.
Drink a lot of water

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many #women completely forget that their bodies are losing as much fluid as they are and while you may want to reach for the Coca Cola, your best bet is actually WATER (H2O). Unlike coffees and colas which have caffeine (which could increase muscle cramps) water is pure and good for your body’s health all around.
Eat more vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are loaded with iron rich nutrients that your body needs when you’re menstruating. Have a small salad with dinner and you can be sure that you’re feeding your #body just what it needs. Be careful of eating too much though, as some leafy greens can lead to bloating.
Eat fish

Salmon and tuna are both fish that are rich in Omega 3’s and other fatty acids that are great for relaxing the muscles in your #body, which may decrease the severity of your cramps. Try a nice tuna roll from your local sushi restaurant, or try grilling up some salmon yourself at home.
Please take some chocolate
While there is some debate on this as chocolate contains caffeine and is loaded with sugar, chocolate also contains magnesium, a nutrient that gets depleted whilst on your cycle. Go ahead and have a little, the darker the better, since chocolate has been scientifically proven to release serotonin, that feel good chemical you love so much. Moderation is the key here as too much chocolate (especially milk chocolate) can lead to unwanted #weight gain and bloating.


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