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Japanese court says same-sex marriage constitutional

Japanese court backs same sex marriage. Above members of Japan’s LGBTQ

 A Japanese court has ruled that same-sex marriage is constitutional, setting the stage for a new era of marriage equality in the country.

It was the first time that a court has ruled on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage in Japan.

The East Asian country is the only G7 country that has not recognised either same-sex civil unions or same-sex marriage.

The case began in 2019 when three couples in Hokkaido prefecture filed a lawsuit claiming 1 million yen (about $9,160) in damages each for the psychological harm caused by the government not allowing same-sex marriage.

 Sapporo District Court in Hokkaido ruled on Wednesday that the government’s lack of recognition for same-sex marriage was in breach of a section of the constitution that requires equal laws for everyone.

The court, however, dismissed the couples’ claims for damages.


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