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'Sound of Metal' Tops CAS Sound Mixing Awards

Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Riz Ahmed learned to play the drums for music scenes, recorded live in Sound of Metal.
Cinema Audio Society honorees also include 'Soul' and 'The Mandalorian.'

The sound mixing team behind Amazon's Sound of Metal won the Cinema Audio Society Award for outstanding sound mixing in a live action feature Saturday during a virtual presentation of the 57th annual CAS Awards.

It topped a field that also included Apple's Greyhound, Netflix's Mank, Universal's News of the World, Amazon's Sound of Metal and Netflix's The Trial of the Chicago 7.

Also on Saturday, Pixar's jazz-inspired Soul won the feature animation category, leading a field of nominees that also included Aardman/Netflix's Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, Pixar's Onward,and Dreamworks Animation's The Croods: A New Age and Trolls World Tour.

This year, the Oscars in sound mixing and sound editing have been combined into a single category for best sound. The Academy nominated Greyhound, Mank, News of the World, Soul and Sound of Metal.

During the CAS Awards, Oscar-winning sound designer Randy Thom presented the CAS Filmmaker Award to George Clooney. Calling sound an "important part of storytelling and filmmaking," Clooney said, "until you get onto a mixing stage, you don't really understand how different a film is once you've mixed it."

Seven-time Oscar-nominated sound mixer William B. Kaplan (Top Gun, Forrest Gump) was presented the Career Achievement Award by sound mixer Amanda Beggs, and also received tributes from colleagues including Bob Zemeckis and John Landis. Kaplan remembered growing up on film sets (his father worked at MGM) and said "after 155 features and more than 51 years, a set is my home and the crew is my family."

Brandyn Johnson of USC was honored with the CAS Student Recognition Award.

The complete list of nominees follows.



Production Mixer - David Wyman CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Michael Minkler CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Christian Minkler CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Richard Kitting
Re-Recording Mixer - Beau Borders CAS
Scoring Mixer - Greg Hayes
Foley Mixer - George A. Lara CAS


Production Mixer - Drew Kunin
Re-Recording Mixer - Ren Klyce
Re-Recording Mixer - David Parker
Re-Recording Mixer - Nathan Nance
Scoring Mixer - Alan Meyerson CAS
ADR Mixer - Charleen Richards-Steeves
Foley Mixer - Scott Curtis

News of the World

Production Mixer - John Patrick Pritchett CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Mike Prestwood Smith
Re-Recording Mixer - William Miller
Scoring Mixer - Shawn Murphy
ADR Mixer - Mark DeSimone CAS
Foley Mixer - Adam Fil Méndez CAS

WINNER Sound of Metal

Production Mixer - Phillip Bladh CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Nicolas Becker
Re-Recording Mixer - Jaime Baksht
Re-Recording Mixer - Michelle Couttolenc
ADR Mixer - Carlos Cortez Navarrette
Foley Mixer - Kari Vähäkuopus

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Production Mixer - Thomas Varga CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Julian Slater CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Michael Babcock CAS
Scoring Mixer - Daniel Pemberton
ADR Mixer - Justin W. Walker
Foley Mixer - Kevin Schultz


A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Dialogue & ADR Mixer - Dom Boucher
Re-Recording Mixer - Chris Burdon
Re-Recording Mixer - Gilbert Lake
Re-Recording Mixer - Adrian Rhodes
Scoring Mixer - Alan Meyerson CAS
Foley Mixer - Ant Bayman


Original Dialogue Mixer - Vincent Caro CAS
Original Dialogue Mixer - Doc Kane CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Michael Semanick CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Juan Peralta
Scoring Mixer - Brad Haehnel
Foley Mixer - Scott Curtis


Original Dialogue Mixer - Vincent Caro CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Ren Klyce
Re-Recording Mixer - David Parker
Scoring Mixer - Atticus Ross
Scoring Mixer - David Boucher CAS
ADR Mixer - Bobby Johanson CAS
Foley Mixer - Scott Curtis

The Croods: A New Age

Original Dialogue Mixer - Tighe Sheldon
Re-Recording Mixer - Christopher Scarabosio CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Leff Lefferts
Scoring Mixer - Alan Meyerson CAS
Foley Mixer - Richard Duarte
Foley Mixer - Scott Curtis

Trolls World Tour

Original Dialogue Mixer - Tighe Sheldon
Re-Recording Mixer - Scott Millan CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Paul Hackner
Scoring Mixer - Christopher Fogel CAS
Foley Mixer - Randy K. Singer CAS


David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

Re-Recording Mixer - Graham Wild
Scoring Mixer - Gareth Cousins CAS

My Octopus Teacher

Re-Recording Mixer - Barry Donnelly
Foley Mixer - Charl Mostert

WINNER The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

Re-Recording Mixer - Gary A. Rizzo CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Jeff King

The Social Dilemma

Production Mixer - Mark A. Crawford
Re-Recording Mixer - Scott R. Lewis
Scoring Mixer - Mark Venezia
Foley Mixer - Jason Butler


Production Mixer - Monty Buckles
Re-Recording Mixer - Marty Zub CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Lon Bender


American Horror Story: 1984 - Ep. 9 "Final Girl"

Production Mixer - Alex Altman
Re-Recording Mixer - Joe Earle CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Doug Andham CAS
ADR Mixer - Judah Getz CAS
Foley Mixer - Jacob McNaughton

Fargo - Ep. 7 "East/West"

Production Mixer - J.T. Mueller CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Jeffrey Perkins
Re-Recording Mixer - Josh Eckberg
Scoring Mixer - Michael Perfitt
ADR Mixer - Matt Hovland
Foley Mixer - Randy Wilson

Lovecraft Country - Ep. 1 "Sundown"

Production Mixer – Amanda Beggs CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Marc Fishman CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Mathew Waters CAS
Scoring Mixer - Brad Hacknell
ADR Mixer - Miguel Araujo
Foley Mixer - Brett Voss CAS

WINNER The Queen's Gambit - Ep. 4 "Middle Game"

Production Mixer - Roland Winke
Re-Recording Mixer - Eric Hoehn CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Eric Hirsch
Re-Recording Mixer - Leo Marcil
Scoring Mixer - Lawrence Manchester

Watchmen - Ep. 6 "This Extraordinary Being"

Production Mixer - Doug Axtell
Re-Recording Mixer - Joseph DeAngelis CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Chris Carpenter
Scoring Mixer - Atticus Ross
ADR Mixer - Judah Getz CAS
Foley Mixer - Antony Zeller CAS


Better Call Saul - Ep. 8 "Bagman"

Production Mixer - Phillip W. Palmer CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Larry B. Benjamin CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Kevin Valentine
ADR Mixer - Chris Navarro CAS
Foley Mixer - Stacey Michaels CAS

Ozark - Ep. 10 "All In"

Production Mixer - Filipe Borrero CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Larry B. Benjamin CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Kevin Valentine
Scoring Mixer - Phil McGowan CAS
ADR Mixer - Chris Navarro CAS
Foley Mixer - Amy Barber

The Crown - S4, Ep. 1 "Gold Stick"

Production Mixer - Chris Ashworth
Re-Recording Mixer - Lee Walpole
Re-Recording Mixer - Stuart Hilliker CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Martin Jensen
ADR Mixer - Gibran Farrah
Foley Mixer - Catherine Thomas

WINNER The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - S3, Ep. 8 "A Jewish Girl Walks Into the Apollo…"

Production Mixer - Mathew Price CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Ron Bochar CAS
Scoring Mixer - Stewart Lerman
ADR Mixer - David Boulton
Foley Mixer - George A. Lara CAS

Westworld - S3, Ep. 4 "The Mother of Exiles"

Production Mixer - Geoffrey Patterson CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Keith A. Rogers CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Benjamin L. Cook
Scoring Mixer - Ramin Djawadi


Dead to Me - Ep. 201 "You Know What You Did"

Production Mixer - Steven Michael Morantz CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Brad Sherman CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Alexander Gruzdev
ADR Mixer - Jason Oliver

Modern Family - Ep.1118 "Finale Part 1"

Production Mixer - Stephen A. Tibbo CAS
Production Mixer - Srdjan Popovic
Re-Recording Mixer - Dean Okrand CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Brian Harman CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Peter Bawiec
ADR MIXER - Matt HovlandFoley Mixer - David Michael Torres CAS

Ted Lasso - Ep. 110 "The Hope that Kills You"

Production Mixer - David Lascelles AMPS
Re-Recording Mixer - Ryan Kennedy
Re-Recording Mixer - Sean Byrne
ADR Mixer - Brent Findley
ADR Mixer - Marilyn Morris
Scoring Mixer - George Murphy
Foley Mixer - Jordan McClain

WINNER The Mandalorian - Ep. 102 "Chapter 2: The Child"

Production Mixer - Shawn Holden CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Bonnie Wild
Re-Recording Mixer - Stephen Urata
Scoring Mixer - Christopher Fogel CAS
ADR Mixer - Matthew Wood
Foley Mixer - Blake Collins CAS

The Mandalorian - Ep. 205 "Chapter 13: The Jedi"

Production Mixer - Shawn Holden CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Stephen Urata
Re-Recording Mixer - Bonnie Wild
Scoring Mixer - Christopher Fogel CAS
ADR Mixer - Matthew Wood
Foley Mixer - Jason Butler


Beastie Boys Story

Production Mixer - Jacob Feinberg
Production Mixer - William Tzouris
Re-Recording Mixer - Martyn Zub CAS

Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You

Production Mixer - Brad Bergbom
Re-Recording Mixer - Kevin O'Connell CAS
Re-Recording Mixer - Kyle Arzt
Music Mixer - Bob Clearmountain

WINNER Hamilton

Production Mixer - Justin Rathbun
Re-Recording Mixer - Tony Volante
Re-Recording Mixer - Rob Fernandez
Re-Recording Mixer - Tim Latham

Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time Ep. 1

Re-Recording Mixer - Gary A. Rizzo CAS

Re-Recording Mixer - Stephen Urata
Re-Recording Mixer - Danielle Dupre
Re-Recording Mixer - Tony Villaflor
Scoring Mixer - Dave Lynch

NASA & SpaceX: Journey to The Future

Production Mixer – Erik Clabeaux
Re-Recording Mixer - Michael Keeley CAS

DPA Microphones: DPA 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Mic

Lectrosonics: DCR822 Dual Channel Digital Audio receiver

Shure Incorporated: Axient AD3

WINNER Sound Devices: CL-16 Linear Fader Control Surface for 8-Series

Sound Devices: Sound Devices Noise Assist


Evercast: Evercast

Focusrite PLC: RedNet R1

WINNER iZotope:  RX8

The Cargo Cult: Matchbox

Todd-AO: Actors Mobile ADR

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