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Actress Seyi Ariyo Cries for Help After Masquerades Threaten Her With Death in 7 Days Over Movie About Them

Actress Seyi Ariyo was reportedly threatened by masquerades for making a movie about them. Photos: @shebabyshebaby Source: Instagram Read more: https://www.legit.ng/1414597-actress-seyi-ariyo-cries-help-after-masquerades-threaten-her-with-death-making-movie-about-them.html

Nollywood actress, Seyi Ariyo Shebaby, has taken to social media to call Nigerians to come to her aid - According to her, she made a movie with a scene where a masquerade slept with someone and it was posted on Facebook - In tears, Ariyo said that her life was now being threatened by masqueraders who said she would die in the next seven days - The movie star is asking Nigerians to help her plead with them 

Being a filmmaker comes with many downsides and Nollywood actress, Seyi Ariyo ‘Shebaby’ was recently on the receiving end of being a movie star. 

In a now-viral post on social media, the actress was seen crying profusely as she begged Nigerians to come to her aid against masquerades. READ ALSO Actress Mercy Aigbe preaches against 2nd chances, says it is like giving someone extra bullets Explaining what happened, Ariyo said that she made a movie with a scene where a masquerade was seen sleeping with someone. According to her, an onlooker recorded the scene and posted it on Facebook. 

The obviously shaken actress added that since then, other masquerades had been attacking her while blaming her for disrespecting them. She was also threatened that she would lose her life in the next seven days. According to Ariyo, she had begged them but to no avail as they refused to accept her plea. The movie star is now asking Nigerians to help her to also beg them. In her caption she wrote: “I would never look down on our heritage and rich culture. The movie Asiri Pepe was produced to enlighten people on religious realities beyond the altar and in fact, the impact of looking down on the African religion.”

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