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Balkanisation not solution to Nigeria’s problems, says Bakare

Catholic deplores seeming directionless leadership
Founder of The Citadel Global Community Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has appealed to those agitating for Nigeria’s disintegration on the basis of the imbalances in the system to drop the idea, noting that the answer to the myriad of problems confronting the nation does not lie in secession.
Speaking at the Conversation Africa Series 2021, a programme organised by Legacy Youth Fellowship at the weekend in Lagos, the cleric said that the agitation would rather open the country to more serious challenges.
“The solution should be in adopting the ant mentality, collaboration to build communities of shared resources, sacrificing some of today’s benefits and pleasures in the interest of bequeathing a nation fit for generations yet unborn.”

Bakare said nation-building required unity of purpose over a sustained period of time.
“Is the Nigerian democracy, as presently constituted, capable of delivering this unity of purpose over a sustained period? I think not, he stated.

The former vice-presidential candidate continued: “Even if we had this unity of purpose and a leadership structure committed to delivering a consistent focus on nation-building, do we have a viable blueprint to follow? Instead of plucking the low-hanging fruit of secession, this is the time for our leaders and thinkers to answer the question: What constitutional foundation would underpin the leadership structure that can deliver unity of purpose over a sustained period of time?”

He challenged the leadership in the country to ponder over the nation-building blueprint Nigeria should develop and adopt to take the country from where we are today to where we would be proud of for our grandchildren to be.
“This is the time for true leaders to come forward; visionary leaders with an altruistic gaze; leaders who can articulate and communicate a compelling vision to the people, thereby giving them hope and courage to press on in spite of difficulties; leaders who can organise the people to take on the most basic and most complex task of nation-building,” the cleric said.

He charged the youth to be active in the entire process.

“I say to you all – we stand at the intersection of the past and a possible future; a future where young Nigerian job seekers are not murdered and discarded in shallow graves; a future defined by equity, justice, security, peace and harmony, not ransoms; where road, power and water supply systems serve, not stifle; where quality schools and hospitals are accessible to every Nigerian on Nigerian soil, not in Accra, Dubai, New Delhi, Toronto or London; where every single Nigerian dream is given the enabling environment to become flesh, not starved into oblivion; where maybe, just maybe, made-in-Nigeria goods can become the global gold standard of quality and creative ingenuity, not pariah goods to be avoided like the plague,” Bakare stated.
IN a related development, the Dean, Satellite Deanery and Parish Priest of St. Patrick Catholic Church, Alaba, Very Rev. Father Francis Ike, has identified bad leadership as Nigeria’s greatest problem.

He expressed regret that the leadership at the national level “is wobbling and seems to have no direction.”

The cleric, who spoke at the Deanery Satellite Charismatic Executive Leadership training in Lagos themed “Promoting sound leadership through interaction”, stressed that if leadership at the top appeared to have any direction at all, “the will to propel the dreams and aspirations of those that are being led is quite missing.”
“My advice, therefore, for the leadership of this country is to first ask themselves the reason for daring the temptation to lead because apart from seeing leadership as a challenge and responsibility, any person going to lead should have it at the back of his mind that he is going to govern the people and should consequently know that it is a sacrificial job.

“Are our leaders there to serve people or assume the role to fulfil their inordinate ambition with a view to taking care of their personal or individual problems?
“Leadership should be a selfless activity and selfless experience to the people being led, while an average leader must be open to criticism, ready to listen to the calls and cries of the people and should be ready to retrace his steps and reverse policies whenever he goes wrong.”

The Chaplain to the Satellite Deanery of the Charismatic and Parish Priest of Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Oniereke, Rev. Fr. Anthony Okeke, explained that the event was to promote sound leadership for the Charismatic service team.

Chairman, Satellite Deanery Charismatic, Cyril Oghaego, called on parents to take full responsibility for their children’s upbringing and not leave everything to the school, noting that sound training begins from home.


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