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Oscar sets the date for the next show in March 2022.entertainment

The film academy and ABC said Thursday that plans for the 94th Oscar to be held on March 27, 2022 are already underway.

After a year of turmoil, innovation, and devastating underestimation, the Academy Awards are returning to normal business. The show will return to the Dolby Theater for ABC broadcasts, and the qualification window will close again at the end of the calendar year.

Last year, the Academy extended its qualification period to February due to a pandemic and canceled informal events such as the Governors Awards and Nominee Luncheon. All of these reductions were back on schedule and the Governor’s Award was on January 15th. The luncheon will be held on March 7th. The nominations will be announced on February 8th.

However, the academy states that the dates are subject to change. The organization also acknowledges that the film business is still pandemic-affected and has extended the streaming qualification warning it adopted last year to the 2021 award season, which means that the film is not necessarily in the theater It doesn’t have to be shown and can be debuted on streaming or video-on-demand services.

The broadcast date at the end of March is significantly behind the usual time for Hollywood’s largest award show. Initially, the 94th edition was scheduled to air on February 27, but that month is bustling with major live events such as the 2022 Olympics and the Super Bowl.

The 93rd Oscar viewership at the Union Station in Los Angeles in late April was less than half of what it was before, and those who watched Nomadland win the Best Picture Award. There were only 9.85 million people. Both the Golden Globe Awards (6.9 million viewers) and the Grammy Awards (9.2 million viewers) had record low viewerships.

And next year will be another year, usually in early January, without the Golden Globes stealing some of the Academy Awards thunder. This year, the NBC announced that it will not broadcast the Golden Globe Awards in 2022 amid controversy and reforms within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that hosts the Golden Globe Awards.

Oscar sets the date for the next show in March 2022.entertainment


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