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Tristan Thompson awarded $50k in libel case against paternity accuser, Kimberly Alexander

NBA star, Tristan Thompson has been awarded $50k in a libel case against paternity accuser, Kimberly Alexander. 

 Tristan had sued Alexander for libel last year and wanted $100k in damages after claiming her allegation of him being the father of her child hurt his reputation, and cost him endorsement deals because companies saw him as a brand hazard.

 Legal documents obtained by TMZ showed the court entered a default judgment in favor of Tristan against Kimberly Alexander for the amount of $50k, plus 10% interest per year until it's paid off. She was also ordered to pay $2,901.75 in court costs.

 The judge slashed the damages in half because Tristan didn't specifically lay out which endorsements he lost due to Alexander's allegations.



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