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AMERICA/COLOMBIA - Mgr. Lascarro Tapia calls on the state to protect communities fleeing violence


Magangué (Agenzia Fides) - The bishop of Magangué, Mgr. Ariel Lascarro Tapia, denounced the extremely complex situation in the south of the department of Bolivar as a result of the clashes between illegal armed groups for territorial power.

The clashes have led to an increase in the murder rate and the displacement of at least 900 people to the capital cities of Santa del Sur and Montecristo, not to mention the climate of fear and suffering that residents of these places are forced to live in. The exact number of displaced people is unknown as more and more families are arriving in cities fleeing violence.

Given the serious situation, the prelate urged the government and local authorities not to neglect this area, which has been affected by armed conflict for more than 50 years and whose displaced families, according to the bishop, need effective and continuous humanitarian aid.

In the video sent to Fides, Monsignor Lascarro believes that there is an urgent need to resolve this conflict so that the displaced families can return to their areas of origin and are guaranteed respect for their fundamental rights, in particular with regard to the right to life and decent work.

The bishop stands by the side of the people in the communities affected by the violence and particularly encouraged them not to abandon their territories and to persevere in claiming the rights recognized in the Constitution and which the State must guarantee them in practice.

The armed group Estructura 37 (GAO E-37), the National Liberation Army (ELN) and the so-called Gulf Clan are trying to control the affected areas, which are rich in natural resources and known as a transit route for the cocaine trade. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 11/08/2021)


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