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Jason Momoa responds hilariously when his ‘Sweet Girl’ co-star admitted she hasn’t seen Game of Thrones

 Game of Thrones is undisputedly the biggest TV show of the 21st century. There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of the fantasy epic. The show witnessed unprecedented levels of viewership and popularity, so we can easily assume that majority of the people on this planet must have watched the series at some point. Well, there are a few who claim to have never watched Game of Thrones, and the show’s alum Jason Momoa’s Sweet Girl co-star Isabela Merced is one of them.

When speaking with the AP about their new Netflix film, Sweet Girl, Momoa and his young co-star, Isabela Merced, were asked about their first meeting and how they hit it off. After he noted that they’re very similar in their styles, Merced admitted to her ignorance of his Game of Thrones time.

Jason Momoa responds hilariously when his 'Sweet Girl' co-star admitted she hasn’t seen Game of Thrones

She said, “I hadn’t watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. I still haven’t. And I’m so sorry.”

It is not the first time Momoa has heard that. In fact, he had a quite funny response ready at hand.

He said, “Don’t watch it. That’s not how you want to see your father.”

Momoa’s response shows why he is known as one of the most down to earth celebrities in Hollywood. How do you respond when someone tells you they haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet? Talk to us in the comments below!

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