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Why I Abandoned Afghanistan For The Deadly Taliban—President Ghani After Fleeing Country

The Taliban, who have rampaged across Afghanistan in recent days and earlier on Sunday entered the capital, Kabul, are on the verge of declaring that they have taken control of the country.

Afghanistan’s embattled president, Ashraf Ghani, who fled the country on Sunday, has addressed the people of the Asian nation, stating the reasons why he left. 

Ghani had joined his fellow citizens and foreigners in a stampede fleeing the advancing Taliban and signalling the end of a 20-year Western experiment aimed at remaking Afghanistan.

His exit was confirmed by Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the Afghan National Reconciliation Council, in an online video on Sunday.

He said, “The former president of Afghanistan left Afghanistan, leaving the country in this difficult situation. God should hold him accountable.”

Associated Press news agency reports that Ghani flew out of the country. However, a report by Al Jazeera indicated that the President might have left for Tajikistan.

But in his statement addressed to the people of Afghanistan, Ghani said, "In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. 

"Dear countrymen! Today, I came across a hard choice; I should stand to face the armed Taliban who wanted to enter the palace or leave the dear country that I dedicated my life to protecting and protecting the past twenty years. If there were still countless countrymen martyred and they would face the destruction and destruction of Kabul city, the result would have been a big human disaster in this six million city. The Taliban have made it to remove me, they are here to attack all Kabul and the people of Kabul. In order to avoid the bleeding flood, I thought it was best to get out.

"Taliban have won the judgement of sword and guns and now they are responsible for protecting the countrymen's honor, wealth and self-esteem. Didn't they win the legitimacy of hearts. Never in history has dry power given legitimacy to anyone and won't give it to them. They are now facing a new historical test; either they will protect the name and honor of Afghanistan or they will prioritize other places and networks. 

"Many people and many Aqshar are in fear and are unreliable in the future. It is necessary for Taliban to assure all the people, nations, different sectors, sisters and women of Afghanistan to win the legitimacy and the hearts of the people. Make a clear plan to do and share it with the public. I will always continue to serve my nation with an intellectual moment and a plan to develop. Lots more talk for the future. 

"Long live Afghanistan."

The Taliban, who have rampaged across Afghanistan in recent days and earlier on Sunday entered the capital, Kabul, are on the verge of declaring that they have taken control of the country. 

It was learnt that the country would now be the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, according to Press Association reports citing a Taliban official.

The declaration is expected to be made from the presidential palace in Kabul following the departure of Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani, earlier, who apparently fled, initially to Tajikistan. His current location is unconfirmed.

Senior Taliban commanders announced within the last two hours that they had taken control of the palace, according to news wire reports. More details and further confirmation are awaited, the Guardian UK reports.

Civilians fearing that the Taliban could impose a brutal rule had been rushing to leave the country, lining up at cash machines to withdraw their life savings. 

The desperately poor – who had left homes in the countryside for the hoped-for safety in the capital – remained in their thousands in parks and open spaces throughout the city.

In a stunning route, the Taliban has captured 26 of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals since August 6, despite the billions of dollars spent by the US and NATO over nearly 20 years to build up Afghan security forces.


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