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Marauders Week 3 film audit: Impact play

Photograph by Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

Perceiving an effect exertion from the past game is something that has been underway for a spell now. For the record, the past Las Vegas Raiders beneficiaries of this acknowledgment would have been KJ Wright (Week 1, fourth down TFL) and Henry Ruggs (Week 2, 61 yard score) for making a major play when the group required it the most. 

The Week 3 Impact Play goes to Alec Ingold. The do-everything fullback had a decent game based off the transmission film. He helped make ready for the Peyton Barber's vocation high 111 yards and 1 score. Ingold additionally added a 1 yard get for a TD on a variety of Gruden's brand name Spider 2 play activity series. 

Anyway the Week 3 effect play goes to Alec for his bumble recuperation on the objective line before his inevitable TD get. The Raiders were losing 14-5 now in the game. An incredible downfield pass pulled in by Henry Ruggs for 23 yards put the Raiders in Miami domain. A couple of all the more first down hookups from Carr to Waller, then, at that point, Ruggs once more, helped by a superfluous harshness call set the Raiders with the ball at the Miami 4 yard line. 

first and Goal and the Raiders run lead zone to one side. Stylist gets the hand-off and Ingold gets a square on an entering guarded lineman. Stylists cuts once behind Ingold and again behind the twofold group of Simpson and James. Stylist and Elandon Roberts crash in the opening and the ball springs up 8 feet noticeable all around. 

The Wisconsin item showed why he was enrolled as a competitor out of secondary school. Ingold hoists and tangles the ball out of the air nearly at its most noteworthy point. Credit to Ingold who showed the fortitude to endeavor to score in the wake of recuperating the free ball. Definitely Gruden tried to compensate the fullback for a heads up play. The following endeavor went to him for the Raiders first score of the game.


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