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Nigerian Navy Disowns Officer's Allegations Against Chadian Soldiers

The Nigerian naval force on Tuesday abandoned claims made in parliament by one of its senior officials that fighters from adjoining Chad were selling their weapons for $20 or $30, adding to agitation in northern Nigeria. 

The naval force portrayed the broadly announced charges, made by Commodore Jamila Abubakar Sadiq Malafa on Monday at a formal proceeding held by a board of trustees of legislators, as "unapproved, individual remarks" and said they didn't address the naval force's position. 

Nigerian and Chadian militaries have been participating in the battle against extremists from the Boko Haram and Islamic State, which are dynamic in the two nations. 

"The Nigerian Navy likes the permanent commitments of our local accomplices/neighbors in the battle against little arms and light weapons dealing," it said in an assertion gave for the benefit of the head of the maritime staff. 

Chad's military invited this reaction to what it portrayed as bogus claims. 

"No one is preferred put over Chadian warriors to realize that offering arms to regular folks and fear based oppressor gatherings would genuinely sabotage provincial security for which they keep on making weighty penances," military representative Azem Bermendao Agouna said. 

Malafa acquired a prominent in Nigeria in 2017 when she turned into the primary lady from the overwhelmingly Muslim north to be raised to the position of commodore. She was generally profiled in the media at that point. 

During her appearance on Monday, she asserted that Chadian troopers held their weapons under their beds for absence of an ordnance and that, when broke, they sold them. She said Nigeria would consider no to be the length of this continued. 

The naval force said it needed to separate itself from remarks about "neighbors with which Nigeria keeps up with strong conciliatory security connections/coordinated efforts". 

(Detailing by Camillus Eboh, extra revealing by Mahamat Ramadane in N'Djamena composing by Estelle Shirbon and Alessandra Prentice; Editing by Steve Orlofsky and Mark Heinrich)


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