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Oscar Mayer offers NASA a Wienermobile to ship moon space explorers

I can say with certainty this will not be NASA's next Astromobile. 

Oscar Mayer 

Along these lines, definitely, that is likely not going to work out. 

Sometime in the future, in the ideally not very far off future, NASA's next moon-bound space explorers will get a ride to the launchpad to load up their Orion shuttle on a monstrous SLS rocket. Oscar Mayer, the food organization known for wieners, might want to offer an intense and stately vehicle to take them there. A Wienermobile. 

NASA really is searching for some new space traveler ground transportation. It put out a call last week for business suppliers to toll in on potential trades for the gleaming Astrovan that once moved transport space travelers the nine miles from their group quarters to the launchpad. 

NASA is preparing for its maintained Artemis missions, fully intent on returning people to the moon. "The recommendations ought to be one of a kind, embrace new innovation and outwardly typify Artemis to the general population," NASA said. 

I don't know a Wienermobile very exemplifies the Artemis soul of lunar investigation brimming with fortitude and space experience. It exemplifies a wiener, loaded with meat. 

NASA's vehicle demand went to the consideration of Oscar Mayer, which tweeted "Hello, NASA, we got you" on Friday alongside a photograph of a Wienermobile. 

The Wienermobile is probably going to confront some contest. Lately, Airstream kitted out a visiting mentor for use with Boeing's deferred Starliner missions and SpaceX Dragon space travelers have gotten the opportunity to partake in a lift in a Tesla Model X. 

This isn't Oscar Mayer's first effort to get into the space game. It hopped on the Blue Origin "dong rocket" image trend when Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos traveled to suborbital space in July by tweeting a photograph of the Wienermobile soaring off this stone. 


The Wienermobile is likely to face some competition. In recent years, Airstream kitted out a touring coach for use with Boeing's delayed Starliner missions and SpaceX Dragon astronauts have had the chance to enjoy a lift in a Tesla Model X

This isn't Oscar Mayer's first attempt at getting into the space game. It jumped on the Blue Origin "dong rocket" meme bandwagon when Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos flew to suborbital space in July by tweeting a photo of the Wienermobile rocketing off this rock.

Despite the fact that I know an astro-frank versatile would be in this way, so off-base, I still sort of need to witness it. A Wienermobile, strikingly moving toward the launchpad, space explorers securely tucked away inside its rounded shell, with only space and the splendid lamp of the moon in front of them. Epic.


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