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Mustangs Film Review: Tale of inches separate Ravens from Broncos

NFL games are stories of a botched chance to a great extent. Regularly, a play or two can sum up the aggregate of a game. The Denver Broncos' 23-7 misfortune to the Baltimore Ravens was by and large that. The matchup between the two AFC season finisher hopefuls is an obvious sign of how a play to a great extent changes the tale of a game. 

It's reasonable for banter the Broncos' playcalling on the two sides of the ball. Hostile organizer Pat Shurmur called just four planned runs in the second 50% of a 17-7 challenge. The running match-up had been the best it had been this season to that point. 

Vic Fangio's safeguard surrendered more than 300 yards passing to Lamar Jackson, just the Baltimore quarterback's second such round of his profession. Jackson had boatloads of time toss the ball as the group utilized postponed surge strategies to hold the electric quarterback back from breaking the pocket. 

Every analysis is justified however isn't the sole supporter of the Broncos' misfortune Sunday. Nonetheless, the safeguard held the powerful Ravens assault to well beneath their normal in surging yards and focuses. With a group comparable to the Ravens, Fangio needed to take one part of the Ravens' offense away and he picked the right one. 

The Broncos basically didn't execute whenever they had the chances to do as such. Separating the game, this challenge was the story of a Ravens' group that took advantage of their chances while Denver didn't. 

How Denver's offense missed the mark 

The Broncos' deficiencies against the Ravens are distinctive in two plays. These plays straightforwardly contrast Baltimore made in comparative circumstances. 

On the initial drive, the Broncos were moving the ball. Denver hoped to enjoy the early benefit in the wake of acquiring two first downs, one surging, and one passing.

 after gaining two first downs, one rushing, and one passing.

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Noah Fant comes in motion to create a twins look to the far sideline. He’s matched up on a smaller safety. Tim Patrick runs a clear-out and Fant a sail (corner route) towards the sideline. The ball is delivered high but with air to allow Fant to adjust while the defender is on his back. Bridgewater and Fant are unable to connect leading to a 3rd and 10 situation to open the game.

The incompletion puts pressure on the Broncos’ offensive line to hold up on a third and long with a team who brings a lot of pressure looks. Bridgewater has to use the quick game to avoid pressure and it reduces the route combinations available because of the down and distance.

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On the very next play, Albert Okwuegbunam is on the top of the screen in man-to-man with a smaller defender. The Broncos’ tight end gets a step and is open on a go route. Bridgewater throws a good ball that just goes through the fingertips of the Okwuegbunam and the Broncos punt, losing the momentum and failing to score on their opening drive.

A score on the first possession would have changed the terms of the game, therefore calling for the Ravens to potentially adjust how they schemed the Broncos from there on out.

The Broncos offense simply failed to execute. Players, regardless of their role, took turns in not making the play when it was in front of them. Whether it was a missed assignment or physical error, the Broncos were their own worst enemy against a formidable team. Denver needed to capitalize when a good Ravens defense gave it windows of opportunity and it simply just did not.

Where the Ravens’ capitalized against the Broncos

Conversely, Lamar Jackson is able to connect with Mark Andrews on the same sideline Fant was unable to come down the grab on. Andrews comes across the entire formation with a man draped on him. Justin Simmons who broke up a pass to Andrews earlier is unable to adjust while Andrews finds the ball for a big gain.

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In a tie game, the Ravens are in 2nd and 10. Jackson surveys the field and sees Marquise Brown get behind Kareem Jackson deep. Brown, who dropped three potential touchdowns last week, dives and makes a spectacular grab. Unlike Okwuegbunam, Brown is able to make the big play and essentially put the game away for the Ravens.

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In the end, this contest showed that Baltimore is a team ready for the challenge. However, the Broncos were not up to the task and could not make the plays their opposition did. The difference in the game was a matter of inches.

A lot will be revealed about the Broncos this upcoming week against the Pittsburg Steelers. Either they will respond and show the NFL last week was a learning opportunity. Or Fangio’s team will shrivel into the 2020 Broncos team who failed to meet expectations.

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