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The authorized sex stalker: Watch how a specialist utilized his office to have intercourse with ladies

Specialist sex customers 

The video narrative shows how the specialist known as Jonathan Ohene Nkunim who depicts himself via online media as "a specialist by calling and a gospel serve by calling" utilizes the office to have intercourse with ladies. 

An insightful report by Manasseh Azure Awuni of The Fourth Estate has uncovered how an authorized wellbeing specialist of the Nature's Hand Therapeutic Center at Gbawe, in Accra, utilizes his office to physically manhandle ladies looking for treatment from him. 

A report by Thefourthestate demonstrates that the wellbeing expert had three licenses from a state administrative office that is accused of the ability to clean professionals. 

The examination uncovers the questionable cycle through which "Dr." Ohene Nkunim obtained the licenses and the job of administrative authorities in the country. 

"Dr. Jonathan Ohene Nkunim" depicts him as a Neuromuscular Specialist and the administrations he gives at Nature's Hand Therapeutic Center, as expressed on his card, include: "General Diagnosis, Neuromuscular Therapy, Physio Therapy, Detoxification, and Spine Straightening." 

A notification at the passage of his office just as the authority Facebook page of Nature's Hand Therapeutic Center records extra administrations as "Oriental Pulse Diagnosis, Herbal Options (Ghanaian and Chinese), Stroke Rehabilitation Therapy, Sports Massage, and so forth" 

The report proceeded with that in 2018, a 34-year-old finance manager and her better half went to Nature's Hand Therapeutic Center and hopeful with regards to discovering an answer for their concern strolled into the wellbeing office to look for treatment of having a youngster however the arrangement, they trusted, would, thusly, upgrade and give more importance to their seven-year-old marriage. 

However, they would learn—rather past the point of no return—that their move was a doomed exercise of confidence since they gulped a harmful trap on their first date with the man they thought about a trained professional. 

Efua said "I needed to have a child, so I was acquainted with him" adding that she at first had her questions however the consolation from her better half and the critical requirement for a kid obscured those questions. 

She expressed that she was analyzed in a manner she had never seen. 

The "specialist" held her hand, contacted the rear of her palm with his fingers, and let her beginning and end know that was off-base with her. She said there seemed, by all accounts, to be some exactness in what he said. 

"I will not say 100%, yet some were somewhat accurate...He referenced that I objected to my cervix so I expected to do a strategy which would assist me with considering once a treatment had been done," she uncovered. 

She further expressed that "Dr." Jonathan told her that she must be physically stirred before he could play out the technique. 

"He embedded something like a test—I don't have a clue what it was—into me and he continued doing whatever he might want to do there," Efua reviewed. 

She said "Dr." Jonathan sent her better half out of the office to "proceed to purchase a chilled square or something and I understood, however he didn't enter, it was more similar to he was attempting to have intercourse with you. He was playing with me down there, getting me stimulated and I wasn't feeling good. As per him, that was the methodology." 

Watch the full video underneath:


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