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Norwich supervisor Smith 'couldn't say whether' West Ham game can go on

Norwich administrator Dean Smith "doesn't have the foggiest idea" whether he will have an adequate number of players to point toward the West Ham this end of the week.

Wounds and Covid concerns left Smith without a few first-colleagues for Tuesday's misfortune to Aston Villa.

The Premier League has acquainted new guidelines in a work with stem rising Covid cases.

Be that as it may, Smith knows nothing about the quantity of positive cases needed for a game to be delayed.

"We played Tottenham and they had a flare-up, we played Manchester United and they had an episode,"

 Smith said later the 2-0 loss.

 "We needed direction whether it would be reasonable on Villa assuming that we had suggestive players around us.

"I'm not saying every one of our players are indicative and have Covid, in light of the fact that some are harmed."


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