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Totally we want him'


Kevin de Bruyne got back from the European Championship with a lower leg injury and in the wake of beginning the seat at Tottenham on the first day of the season in August he didn't include for one more month, then, at that point, tried positive for Covid-19 in November.

"A ton has happened for the current year, a tad out of out of my control,"

 he told BT Sport. 

"The main thing I could accomplish is try sincerely and returned as fast as could really be expected. It's lamentable with all that has occurred and at the opportunity I was returning I got Covid. It occurred and presently we are striving to return to a decent level."

His chief was satisfied to see him some place close to his pinnacle.

"Ideally now he can keep up with this beat for longer since we want him, totally we want him,"

 said Guardiola.

"We are together six seasons, I know him quite well and he knows me well indeed and how he has helped me is everything and he has been so significant. He's exceptional."

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