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Interview: Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Maluma on Marry Me; "There will be such countless individuals from Latin America that will feel connected to this film"

Delivering in Australian films today - with perfect timing for the Valentine's season - Marry Me is the most recent lighthearted comedy from Jennifer Lopez, with the worldwide symbol featuring as a pop vocalist who experiences a public embarrassment and, on an act of pure trust, weds an outsider on an indiscreet impulse. Subsequent to saying "I Do" to Owen Wilson, the two find out with regards to one another to check whether their marriage will genuinely be something beyond an exposure stunt.

In front of the film's delivery (you can peruse our survey here), Peter Gray was welcome to a worldwide question and answer session to hear Lopez, Wilson, and co-star Maluma, the Colombian vocalist making his component film debut, talk about making the film and its soundtrack, and the way that they can connect with their characters.

Jennifer, in Marry Me you play Kat Valdez. Who is she in your eyes and how can she change when she chooses, without much forethought, to wed an outsider?

Jennifer Lopez: To me, in my eyes, Kat Valdez is an extremely confident recording craftsman, a veteran in the business who has incorporated herself into something that she's pleased with, however, as it were, on account of her own life, isn't fulfilled. I think, as far as she might be concerned, there's a wonderful excursion here once Owen (Wilson's personality) comes into her life and adjusts her viewpoint and thoughts on being gotten. Now and again you feel got, caught in this life, in this popularity… this is everything I do. I truly don't get to have a daily existence like every other person. I think what Owen's personality shows her is that she would be able.

Music is a vital component in the film. Would you be able to discuss the experience of making a collection and a film simultaneously?

Jennifer Lopez: Yeah, that was a first for me. Such a joy, it resembled my two universes meeting up. Making the collection was extraordinary, they truly permitted me the contribution concerning where and when these melodic minutes would be for this person. They truly looked to me concerning where they could cause this to feel genuine. Picking the music for the curve of the characters… there was nobody who comprehended the person more than I, and nobody who got what it is to be a melodic craftsman inside this film, so picking the tunes for the minutes was such a delight to me.

Then, at that point, to have Maluma fill in the spaces for his personality, and he did such an incredible occupation with the two melodies he had - "1 en 1 Millon" and "Segundo" - for the minutes he presents himself and while he's requesting another opportunity. I generally believed is "Segundo" excessively on the button, however at that point when I heard the melody and how he managed it, I was so satisfied. I felt as such pretty much the tunes in general, "Love of My Life", "After Love", "On My Way", the title tune, "Wed Me", I just felt like we truly tracked down characters inside those melodies.

What's more Maluma how was that for you?

Maluma: I love singing, I love performing. I've been doing this for right around 10 years (presently) so I needed to be a piece of the soundtrack. It wasn't even with regards to acting, I needed to bring my Latino culture since there will be such countless individuals from Latin America that will feel joined to this film.

Talking about observing person, what amount of you is in Kat and what amount of Kat is in you?

Jennifer Lopez: I believe there's a great deal of us in one another. This wasn't a job I needed to explore what it resembled to be a popular recording craftsman who does marking what not. I get what that is now. I think the troublesome aspect was somewhat the meta part, showing what it's truly similar to inside my room when something turns out badly, when you experience a disaster like this, before the entire world and the media gets down to business on you.

A portion of those scenes, even with me and Owen, he's asking me "Don't you simply need to abandon the entire love thing?" (chuckles), however it's that way of thinking she has of on the off chance that there's a one in a billon opportunity (it's) worth the effort. I think she's hankering that adoration and that home. There were a ton of minutes where I had the option to carry a reality to the person.

Owen and Maluma, you both have such astounding science with Jennifer. How could it be functioning with her?

Maluma: I felt entirely agreeable. For being my first film I was exceptionally apprehensive. I didn't have the foggiest idea how everything functioned, except when I was there with Jennifer she was very much like "You will kill it!"

I just needed to center. Additionally Owen, I recollect the principal scene I needed to holler at him and say terrible words, and toward the finish of the scene he let me know that he truly felt it, and that meant everything to me. Working with Jennifer and the entire group was excellent, it was natural.

Owen Wilson: Maluma, was that the scene where you tell me "You're simply a fan"…

Maluma: Yeah, "Who do you suppose you are? You're simply a fan!"… that was our first scene together.

Owen Wilson: I like seeing that scene cause I see it in the reviews and it generally makes me snicker since I say "No, I'm not a fan" and afterward you see Jen responding like "What?", and I say "Indeed, I am presently", and I feel that scene sort of summarizes the entire film since they don't undermine any person.

You comprehend that everyone commits errors, and you can connect with Charlie as well. Concerning working with Jen, for me it was extremely unwinding. She sort of accepted so many obligations that I could simply pause for a minute and not stress over anything (snickers).

This film is about Kat going out on a limb. What's the greatest act of pure trust that you've taken?

Owen Wilson: You know, I didn't concentrate on acting. I was an English major however I generally adored motion pictures and I cherished composition, so when my companion and I began composing a film together accepting that I could act in it. It was more my companion's conviction that I could get it done. Experiencing childhood in Dallas on the off chance that you said "Gracious, I need to be in motion pictures" I figure individuals would have chuckled at you. I imagine that faith in reasoning I could have an inventive profession isn't a daily existence the vast majority lead.


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