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'We're not companions': Pero talks on relationship with 2Baba

Pero talks on relationship with 2Baba

Pero Adeniyi, a child mother to a Nigerian artist prominently known as 2baba, said she and the vocalist are not companions and have not imparted for a long time.

Pero expressed this while responding to the show in the artist's love ones.

In September, 2Baba's significant other, Annie Idibia, took to Instagram to blame the artist for treachery including Adeniyi.

In a now-erased post, Annie expressed, "What sort of man takes his children to Disney and goes through evenings in similar loft with his children and their mom! How often have you gone to see your children with Pero and she remains with you and the children under similar rooftop for evenings?"

Notwithstanding, in a meeting with SDK, Pero noticed that she and 2baba are not in touch and Annie knows.

At the point when gotten some information about 2Face's new outing to America and on the off chance that she was in the image, Pero said,

"I heard he came to America in August yet we didn't see. It's only one out of every odd opportunity he comes to America that we see. His sibling lives there, so it's conceivable that he might have gone there to remain with him.

"My sweetheart was even with me the last time I heard Tuface should be with me and I was very stunned and contemplated whether there are two Peros. Whenever that story broke, I got such countless calls that woke me up that I needed to settle on decisions to discover what was off-base."

On her present status with the artist, Pero said,

"I had not addressed him for around four months before I was woken up with calls to take a quick trip and see I am moving on the web on the grounds that Annie referenced that he had run off to remain with me in America. We don't actually talk and we are not companions. It is a result of this equivalent explanation that I have avoided him.

"The last time I saw Annie was in 2019 and I had a convo with her and encouraged her to attempt to be a decent spouse and work on making her Marriage work. She realizes I am not the issue in the marriage and I can't help thinking about why she would specify my name. She realizes Tuface and I are not in contact since she keeps a tab on my exercises from what I hear."

Pero added that she showed up in Nigeria with her beau and was shocked by the bits of gossip making online media.

"I left America with my beau and we landed Abuja and I have been with him from that point forward. I'm flabbergasted 100% of the time to peruse these things however individuals who realize reality know it."


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