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'Squid Game' Season 2: Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk Reveals Which Characters Are Returning

In spite of the fact that it ought to shock no one, this is the chief's first authority affirmation.

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the maker of the most famous South Korean series that sent off last year Squid Game, uncovered that two major names in the endurance dramatization series will be returning for the subsequent season.

As per Deadline, this uncover came at the magazine's yearly Contenders Television at Paramount Studios, where Hwang and entertainer Park Hae-soo, who played Cho Sang-charm in the series, joined TV manager Peter White to discuss a portion of the things that fans can expect for Season 2. During the occasion, the essayist and chief uncovered that two characters in the series will return: the hero and one of the principle adversaries. 

"Gi-hun without a doubt." 

Hwang uncovered, 

"He will be back, and I accept the Front Man will back as well."

The current year's victor of the Screen Actors Guild Award for best entertainer for his job in the tragic series, Lee Jung-jae, was Gi-hun, the main survivor and champ of the series of dangerous children's games. Toward the finish of the time, Gi-hun is shown ruling against going to see his little girl in the US, and on second thought, he seemed to have chosen to end the ruthless yearly games he was a piece of. The Front Man, then again, played by Korean star Lee Byung-hun under the veil, is the main bad guy who led the game's association, directing everything as the 456 destitute players put their lives in extreme danger for the surprising award of north of 45 billion won.


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The arrival of these characters ought to shock no one since they were important for the not many that made due to the furthest limit of the series. In any case, this was Hwang's first authority affirmation that fans will be seeing them back for Season 2. Around mid-March, the maker likewise said at PGA Awards that HoYeon Jung, who depicted player 67, Kang Sae-byeok, could return as a twin sister, nonetheless, this might have been just a joke.

Hwang likewise made sense of that the topics present in Squid Game, as monetary disparity, will keep on being important for the Netflix series as well as his future works: 

"For this venture and in ongoing activities, it's inconceivable not to think about the political polarization, the social distinctions and challenges, as well as ecological environment changes that have been occurring. I will be compelled to notice and scrutinize and keep on taking care of these themes in ongoing ventures."

Since it was delivered in September of last year, Squid Game turned into the most-seen Netflix series. Fans all over the planet presently anxiously anticipate more insights about Season 2 to come out.


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