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Depp lawyer attempts to dishonor Heard as interrogation closes

Golden Heard shows up in the court at the Fairfax County Courthouse on May 17. (Brendan Smialowski/Pool/AP)

Interrogation of Amber Heard by one of Johnny Depp's lawyers closed Tuesday evening in Fairfax County in the harsh maligning preliminary between the film famous people. Depp lawyer Camille Vasquez's fast fire questions looked to ruin Heard's declaration and constantly classified her as oppressive toward her ex during their turbulent relationship and marriage.

Depp sued Heard for $50 million north of a 2018 opinion piece she distributed in The Washington Post, which claimed homegrown maltreatment from an anonymous individual. He guarantees the piece has destroyed his standing and his profession and battles that he never actually or physically manhandled Heard. She countersued him for $100 million after his legal counselors said her charges were bogus. (The Post isn't a respondent in the claim.)

Vasquez gave the jury a blade Heard gave Depp for his birthday engraved with the expression "till death" in Spanish. "This is the blade you provided for the one who might become inebriated and rough with you," Vasquez said.

"I wasn't stressed he planned to cut me with it," Heard said.

As she would all through her interrogation questions Tuesday, Vasquez then, at that point, immediately turned, raising another, inconsequential occurrence. She scrutinized Heard's declaration concerning an especially fierce episode she affirmed occurred in Australia, in which she asserts she was physically attacked with an alcohol bottle and the tip of Depp's finger was cut off. Depp charges Heard cut his finger by tossing a vodka bottle at him, while the guard recommends Depp harmed himself.

Vasquez zeroed in on the arrangement of occasions, which she recommended were unrealistic — asserting Depp couldn't cause such a lot of harm with a cut off finger. Heard kept up with that she didn't remember the request wherein things happened, saying, 

"I have never asserted that I can recall the specific grouping of these things. This is a multiday attack that occurred more than three awful days."

Vasquez further looked to dishonor Heard's declaration about the occurrence in Australia by bringing up 

"there is certainly not a solitary clinical record" 

of Heard's wounds, nor are there any photos of them.

Vasquez noticed that Heard communicated worry for Depp's substance misuse however kept utilizing medications and liquor herself. She addressed whether it was Heard who was desirous, instead of Depp — as the litigant has guaranteed. She proposed Depp got Heard her part in the film "Aquaman," and introduced a copying in which Heard offended Depp's profession, referring to him as "cleaned up" and a "joke." She additionally introduced numerous arrangements of instant messages in which Heard over and again requests that Depp pick up the telephone, as an endeavor to depict Heard as desirous. "You were messaging him relentlessly," Vasquez said. Heard said she sent them in a frantic endeavor to get Depp to quit utilizing drugs.

Vasquez squeezed vigorously against Heard's contention that the commentary she composed — which lies at the core of the preliminary — isn't about Depp yet about

what befell her after she acquired an impermanent limiting request against the entertainer.

 "I was discussing a greater issue, really, than just Johnny," 

Heard said.

Heard's countersuit spins around a few cases made in the press by Depp's previous legal counselor Adam Waldman, who called Heard's allegations a trick. She asserts the allegations, which she described as a "negative slanderous attack," prompted the deficiency of vocation open doors.

Accordingly, Vasquez read titles from articles adversely describing Heard that were distributed before Waldman's remarks.

The interrogation went on until around 2:40 p.m., so, all in all Heard's lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, started divert addressing, in which she tested a couple of Vasquez's places —, for example, how Heard got her job in 


"I buckled down," Heard said.

The divert went on around 35 minutes, and Vasquez reliably — and effectively — had a problem with inquiries from Bredehoft — frequently so often in succession that it drew giggling from the court crowd, which all through the preliminary has been made out of for the most part Depp fans.

Johnny Depp shows up in the court on May 17. (Brendan Smialowski/Pool/AP)

The court then played the video testimony of craftsman iO Tillett Wright, a companion of Heard's who developed near Depp for a couple of years. He portrayed the entertainer as "exquisite," "mystical" and "extremely amusing" when he was clearheaded, however "neurotic," "imply" and "sullen" when intoxicated.

However he never saw Depp genuinely attack Heard, Wright said, he heard Depp express things around her, for example, "all she has is her looks." He said when Depp was intoxicated, he would likewise "affront his fans" and refer to them as "remoras," otherwise called suckerfish. He additionally reviewed Depp letting him know that "he super could have done without life sober" and that he would 

"experience extraordinary episodes of envy in connections."

Soon after Depp and Heard's wedding service, Wright said, he praised Depp on their pre-marriage ceremony. Depp supposedly answered, 

"We're hitched. Presently I can smack her upside the head and it's not possible for anyone to make any kind of difference."

He likewise handed-off an occurrence in which he was on the telephone with Heard, who let him know that Depp was persuaded they crapped on his pad. Wright and Heard started giggling, he said, and Depp became upset. Wright heard a smack, 

"and the telephone dropped. Furthermore, he shared with her, 'You think I hit you? You think I f- - - ing hit you? Imagine a scenario where I strip your f- - - ing hair back?' And then, at that point, I heard the telephone drop once more, and I heard her shout."

The preliminary is planned to proceed with Wednesday with declaration from extra observers.


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