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Golden Heard's Account of Abuse Challenged by Johnny Depp's Lawyer

Golden Heard got done with affirming Tuesday in the criticism case brought by her ex Johnny Depp. Credit...Pool photograph by Brendan Smialowski/through REUTERS

During tense questioning, Ms. Heard was inquired as to why she had not introduced clinical records to back up her record of key occurrences wherein she said Mr. Depp struck her.

A legal advisor for Johnny Depp looked to ruin misuse allegations by his ex, Amber Heard, during interrogation on Tuesday, facing her with sound accounts of two or three's contentions as well as instant messages and love noticed that the attorney proposed showed Ms. Heard to be an untrustworthy observer.

As Ms. Heard completed her declaration at Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, the legal advisor, Camille Vasquez, tested Ms. Heard's attestations that she has just at any point hit Mr. Depp as a safeguard. Ms. Vasquez played accounts from a contention quite a while prior in which Ms. Heard recognized, "I began an actual battle," and called Mr. Depp a "child."

Ms. Heard affirmed that in that episode, she hit him simply because he was attempting to "bust" into the room where she was attempting to stow away from him.

"I blamed him for being a child for griping about me hitting him when he was attempting to traverse the entryway that I was attempting to blockade," 

she affirmed on Tuesday.

Ms. Heard, 36, is secured in a strained fight in court with Mr. Depp, 58, over contending criticism asserts and has endured a few hours during the preliminary sharing her records of rehashed actual maltreatment all through their relationship, as well as different cases of rape. Mr. Depp has denied truly hitting or physically attacking her and has blamed her for being the victimizer in the relationship.

Mr. Depp sued Ms. Heard quite a while back over a commentary, distributed in The Washington Post, in which she considered herself a "well known person addressing homegrown maltreatment." Ms. Heard countersued Mr. Depp, saying that his previous legal advisor had criticized her by calling her allegations of misuse a deception.

During one piece of her doubting, Ms. Vasquez tested a record of the consequence of an occurrence in Australia in 2015, in which, as indicated by Ms. Heard, Mr. Depp physically attacked her with a jug and beat her while he was inebriated on MDMA. Ms. Heard affirmed that after Mr. Depp's assault, she had a swollen jaw, as well as cuts on her arms and feet from broken glass on the ground.

"There is certainly not a solitary clinical record reflecting treatment for any of those wounds, is there, Ms. Heard?" 

Ms. Vasquez inquired.

"I didn't look for treatment," 

Ms. Heard answered.

Mr. Depp has affirmed that he was the individual harmed that evening when Ms. Heard tossed a vodka bottle, hitting his hand and cutting off piece of one of his fingers. Ms. Heard said he harmed his finger by crushing a divider mounted telephone into "bits" while in a fury; Ms. Vasquez highlighted an absence of visual proof of the wrecked telephone or of the wounds Ms. Heard said she experienced that evening.

Ms. Heard expressed documentation of the maltreatment was fragmented in light of the fact that she just began taking photographs of her wounds "unexpectedly," when she needed to show a companion or her mom. She never imagined a fight in court like this, she said.

Ms. Vasquez likewise introduced an affection note that Ms. Heard kept in touch with Mr. Depp around two months after the Australia episode, which incorporated the line, "I have found in you the genuine bones of companionship and regard."

Ms. Heard said the couple had been in a "special first night term" at that point.

As in Mr. Depp's declaration, Ms. Heard's questioning included a broadcasting of put-downs she had heaved at him during contentions. In one recording, Ms. Heard can be heard considering him a "sellout" and a "joke." She recognized on the stand that she referred to him as "terrible, monstrous things," taking note of that he called out to her, as well. (In her attorneys' interrogation of Mr. Depp, they presented a few instant messages to others in which he alluded to Ms. Heard utilizing abuses and vulgarities, including considering her a "useless prostitute.")

Johnny Depp has contended that his profession was harmed by what he described as a bogus statement by Ms. Heard that he had been rough toward her. Credit...Pool photograph by Brendan Smialowski/EPA, through Shutterstock

Vital to the case is the opinion piece, and Ms. Vasquez looked to lay out that, regardless of whether Ms. Heard didn't make reference to Mr. Depp by name in the piece, obviously the subject was their relationship. Ms. Heard affirmed that when she said she turned into a 

"individual of note addressing homegrown maltreatment," 

she was alluding to getting a brief controlling request against Mr. Depp in 2016.

Johnny Depp's Libel Case Against Amber Heard

Card 1 of 6

In the court. A slander preliminary including the previously hitched entertainers Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is in progress in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia. This is what to be familiar with the situation:

At a certain point, Ms. Vasquez zeroed in on the article's title: 

"I opposed sexual brutality — and confronted our way of life's anger. That needs to change." 

Ms. Heard denied composing the title, affirming that The Washington Post didn't counsel her on it, and said she in no way wanted to unveil her claims of rape in that opinion piece. At the point when she tweeted the opinion piece, Ms. Heard affirmed, she didn't understand what the title said.

"Not exceptionally cautious about what you distribute, are you, Ms. Heard?" 

Ms. Vasquez inquired.

"I simply didn't see the title," she said.

After Ms. Heard left the stand, the jury heard prerecorded declaration from iO Tillett Wright, a previous companion of the couple who said he never saw both of them hit the other. However, he expressed that in 2015, not long after a battle in which Ms. Heard said Mr. Depp had taken out lumps of her hair, he saw wounds to her scalp.

All through Ms. Heard's declaration, which happened north of four days of the preliminary, Mr. Depp has gotten his concentration far from his ex on the stand, frequently gazing at a screen before him. On Monday, Ms. Vasquez said he turned away from her since he had guaranteed her that she could at no point ever see his eyes in the future.

However, during divert on Tuesday, one of Ms. Heard's attorneys, Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, asked her for what reason she thought Mr. Depp had tried not to check her out.

"Since he's blameworthy, on the grounds that he knows he's lying," Ms. Heard said. "If not, for what reason might he at any point check me out?"

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