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Nigerians respond to Peter Obi's exit from PDP

While many have hailed his surrender, others denounced it and faulted him for taking off from a decent battle.

Various responses have followed the exit of an official competitor, Peter Obi, from Nigeria's fundamental resistance, PDP.

While many have hailed his surrender, others denounced it and faulted him for taking off from a decent battle.

Mr Obi's choice to leave the PDP came as a shock to numerous on Wednesday.

PREMIUM TIMES detailed how the previous Anambra State lead representative passed his choice in a letter on to the party's public executive, Iyorchia Ayu.

He said "late turns of events" inside the party makes it inconceivable for him to keep taking part and making useful commitments.

"Our public difficulties are well established and expect that we each make significant penances towards saving our country," the letter read.

On Twitter, blended responses have followed Mr Obi's exit from the PDP with many doling out what they accept is his explanation, the manner in which forward or conceivable gradually expanding influence.

Some likewise say he left since delegates scowled at his refusal to give them cash.

The official confident who is getting a charge out of help from Nigerian youth, particularly via online entertainment had many promising to decide in favor of him in the 2023 political race, regardless of the party he runs under.

A Twitter client, Obinna Nwosu, said a PDP delegate portrayed Peter Obi as "irritating" in light of the fact that he "was sharing his arrangements for a superior Nigeria as opposed to sharing dollars. They plotted to embarrass him during the primaries and he saw through their stunts."

Another user, Pato Slam, said Mr Obi’s exit from the PDP is the best news in months.

“Whether Labour Party or NNPP, I don’t care! Even if he joins Jollof Rice Party, I’ll vote him. PDP should share their stolen Dollars & bid farewell to the presidency.”

Nefertiti, on her part, said Mr Obi refused to be part of a corrupt system that was about distributing money to delegates.

Atiku, Saraki, Tambuwal, Dino & others may have decamped to the APC in 2015, but they did so for their own political survival. But Emperor Wike… hatched a plot to suspend Peter Obi from the PDP, before the primaries, she added.

While a member of the House of Representatives, Ben Igbakpa, says Mr Obi’s resignation is a “blow below the belt!” that makes PDP vulnerable for many reasons.

“Truth is PDP isn’t worthy to be called an opposition party, its about money over integrity for them, them Atiku never saw the Peter Obi movement coming, they already have a plan in place to make him the vice as usual, he has made the right decision by pulling out of the primaries…,” wrote Tee Classique.

Notwithstanding his defection, there are indications that Mr Obi will continue the presidential race under the platform of a different party.

Although he is yet to announce the party, there are speculations that he might join the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) or the Labour Party.

An official announcement is expected in the coming days.

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