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The Winner of American Idol is… Another White Boy With a Guitar

Photograph by Daniel Chekalov on Unsplash

You'd think after twenty seasons on the air, the ability would be more assorted.

In the event that you haven't heard, a white country vocalist from Kentucky has won this time of American Idol.

Noah Thompson is the most recent to join the positions of the show's long history of forgettable champs who are white young men playing guitars. Not that those victors aren't skilled or meriting — yet is that actually everything that could be advertised?

You can't blame me for being an American Idol critic by the same token. I adored the show for quite a long time. I used to watch it each and every time it was on come what may. American Idol will constantly hold an exceptional spot in my heart.

I know the public decisions in favor of the champs toward the end, and frequently, America is casting a ballot with their eyes as opposed to their ears. Those white young men are pretty and they can sing — it's a triumphant equation. Be that as it may, the champs frequently have as much flavor as an unseasoned fish dish. (Side note: how whited individuals colonize such a lot of land looking for flavors and not figure out how to involve any in their food… ?)

I would contend that the show's most vital hopeful is an ethnic minority - the notable William Hung, whose version of "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin will be for all time the best mainstream society snapshot of 2003. His exhibition was notable to the point that the show took him back to perform it again this season. He hasn't matured a day and I cracking adoration this man.

day and I freaking love this man.

Credit: American Idol, Youtube.

There are also so many other genres of music to showcase besides country and pop, which the show fails to do every season. I loved contestant Jay Copeland’s performance with Earth, Wind & Fire during this season’s finale. His ability to hold his own with the band’s iconic high vocal range had my jaw dropping on the floor.

Credit: American Idol, Youtube.

But he was voted out long before the finale. With his elimination, the top five contestants on the show were white, and people were not happy about it.

The show’s prejudice probably isn’t intentional. But it does beg the question of who gets to represent American talent on an international stage. Black singers have rarely made it to the finish line in American Idol’s twenty-year history. My incredibly talented friend 

 auditioned for the show four times, only to be turned away for not having “the look” they were searching for. You can read about his experience here:

read about his experience here:

To be fair, white boys with guitars do well in mainstream popular music and country music because they’re the epitome of what people desire to be. They’re good-looking, talented, well-liked. They have privilege, swagger, a charming smile. The show creators know that the winning formula of white boy + guitar will bring in viewers and votes.

But American Idol has turned them into a forgettable monolith, and sadly, I think Noah Thompson will suffer the same fate. When all of your winners look and sound alike, a singing competition show can’t guarantee that their careers will all be successful.

The show also doesn’t wield the influence that it once did. Who needs a singing competition to discover new talent when new musicians can be found at the click of a button nowadays?

While this season had its moments, I’m waiting for American Idol’s audience and producers to cast a wider net of talent to showcase on its stage. That would be something to sing about.

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